POSTED: March 21st 2014

Rio 2016: The IOC puts the pressure on as every minute counts

The Commission toured the venues to asses the work progress / Alex Ferro / Rio 2016
The Commission toured the venues to asses the work progress / Alex Ferro / Rio 2016

The IOC and the Rio 2016 organizers meeting / Alex Ferro / Rio 2016
The IOC and the Rio 2016 organizers meeting / Alex Ferro / Rio 2016

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) The International Olympic Committee (IOC) tells the Rio 2016 organizers that time is off the essence and there is not one moment to waste in their preparations for the Summer Games in a little over two years’ time.

The IOC Coordination Commission has just completed their sixth visit to the Brazilian host city March 19-21 and their final verdict is that a “constant, concerted and integrated effort is required for the successful delivery of the Games and its legacy”.

Coordination Commission Chair Nawal El Moutawakel noted, “The Rio 2016 Olympic Games have a great potential for being a very exciting event which leaves many legacies”.

“But although progress is being made, each decision that is postponed and each subsequent delay will have a negative impact on delivery - total focus and dedication are therefore required.

“The Olympic Movement stakeholders will continue to actively and constructively assist the organisers towards their short and long-term objectives.”

The IOC’s last visit was in September of last year and IOC chief Thomas Bach even personally paid the organizers a visit in February right before the Sochi Games.

The IOC verified that progress had been made in areas such as the finalization of the overall venue masterplan, the validation of Rio 2016’s lifetime budget, and the integration of the federal government’s efforts under President Rousseff’s Chief of Staff, Aloizio Mercadante.

“We enter this crucial phase of our journey without a minute to lose, and certain that our partners in government share this vision,” said head of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee, Carlos Arthur Nuzman.

The Commission received updates on Athletes and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) services, Sport and International Federations Services, Venues and infrastructure, Accommodation, Media operations, Spectators, Ticketing, Transport, Test events, Marketing, and the Paralympic Games.

The IOC group also carried out a full day of venue visits assessing in detail the progress of all the venues in the Barra and Deodoro clusters.

Next week on March 27th a critical meeting is set to take place in Brasilia between the federal authorities and key Games stakeholders in order to clarify the responsibilities for each Games project as well as the associated funding. This is to speed up the process and to avoid delays.

There have been delays for some of the venues for test events and therefore the risk level for each project has been clearly established, schedules of work clarified, and a necessary sense of urgency is shared by all.

The next part of the construction project will be the venues in the second Olympic Park in the Deodoro. The IOC was pleased with the progress that has been made since the city authorities took over the responsibility for the delivery of Deodoro in addition to their large portfolio of works.

On another note the Commission was also happy with the work of Rio 2016 and its partners to deliver a sustainable legacy from the Games.

There will be a number of advantages to hosting Rio 2016:

- Public transport usage is expected to rise to 60% by 2016, up from 12% today

- There will be a seven-fold increase in treated sewage around the Guanabara Bay by 2015;

- One million people will have the opportunity to learn English thanks to the Games;

- 75 new hotels are expected to be built creating an estimated 11000 new jobs;

- Numerous additional projects are already being organized by Rio 2016’s commercial partners.

In the next few months Rio will host the “Aquece Rio” competition in the Guanabara Bay bringing sailors to the city and launching the test event campaign.

In the fall the volunteer and ticketing campaigns will take off and these will help to fan the excitement for the Games in Rio and all over Brazil.

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