POSTED: March 14th 2014

2022 Olympics: Five cities throw their hats in the ring for the Winter Games

The Sochi 2014 Games proved to be a real schooling experience for the applicant cities / SFC
The Sochi 2014 Games proved to be a real schooling experience for the applicant cities / SFC

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Today the cities of Krakow (Poland), Oslo (Norway), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Lviv (Ukraine) and Beijing (China) formally submitted their application files to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as they join the campaign to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. This is the exact listing of the cities as the IOC Executive Board drew lots last December.

The applicant cities may make their proposals public as early as tomorrow on their websites outlining their vision and concept for hosting the Games.

The IOC will now appoint a working group who will study the bids and submit a report with recommendations to the IOC Executive Board that will meet in July (7-9) to decide on a short list of the actual candidate cities. The report will be made public on the IOC’s website just after the decision and this will conclude Phase I of the bidding process.

Then consequently the 2022 bidding will move into phase 2 and the IOC will assist them in a number of ways, including financially and through an extensive transfer of knowledge program.

The Olympic Games Knowledge Management (OGKM) platform includes documentation, experts, workshops and personal observation of previous Games. For example all five of the cities were in Sochi for the 2014 Games participating in the observer program and getting some on the ground experience.

This program allows them to expand on their bid and use these lessons to grow their foundation.

Phase II

As the cities move into the Candidate City Phase of the process they will have until January 2015 to submit their actual Candidature Files outlining in detail their Games plan.

Then IOC President Thomas Bach will appoint an Evaluation Commission made of up IOC Members and experts who will visit each city and put together a technical report on risks that will help the IOC assembly to vote for a final winner.

This report will be made available to all the IOC members just before the two-day technical briefing that will allow for them to query the cities on their plans and learn about their individual projects.

Then on July 31 of 2015 at the Kuala Lumpur IOC session the Host City will be decided.

Host City Support from IOC

Once elected as official Host Cities, the IOC continues the support through OGKM program as well as appoints a Coordination Commission who oversees the works in progress with regular visits and experts who help guide the new organizing committee.  

A number of IOC-related costs (for accommodation, transport, etc.) are covered entirely by the IOC, as is the case during the Games themselves bringing substantial assistance to the organizing committees.

The IOC and the Worldwide Olympic Partners are expected to contribute around US$590 million to the budget of the Sochi 2014 organizers. The IOC also assumes the responsibility and cost of the principal Olympic broadcast signal through its fully owned subsidiary Olympic Broadcasting Services SA (OBS) and for Sochi 2014 this is expected to be more than US$150 million. So all in all the IOC will have contributed to Sochi somewhere near US$740 million to the organizing of the Games.

2022 Important Dates to Remember:

Phase 1:

Selection of Candidate Cities by the IOC Executive Board – 7-9 July 2014

Phase 2:

Submission of the Candidature File & Guarantees – 7 January 2015

IOC Evaluation Commission visits – February to March 2015

Evaluation Commission report / Candidate City Briefing for IOC Members – May to June 2015 (TBC)

Election of the 2022 host city by the IOC Session – Kuala Lumpur – 31 July 2015

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