POSTED: October 2nd 2013

National flags to adorn BOSCO's Sochi 2014 mittens

Colorful Sochi mittens / Sochi 2014
Colorful Sochi mittens / Sochi 2014

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(SFC) Every Olympic store across the Russian Federation will soon be selling mittens adorning flags of each country participating in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi General Partner and Licensee BOSCO recently unveiled the mittens’ slogan of “Mittens. Warm. Good. Yours.” at the first Sochi 2014 Olympic Flagship Store at the GUM department store in Moscow.

The mittens will come with classic white knitted gloves with coloured fingers and a set of finger-less mittens. The colours of the mittens’ fingers represent the colours of the five Olympic rings: dark blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

Olympic and Paralympic Torch Bearers, members of the Russian National Olympic and Paralympic Teams, and the employees of the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee will wear the mittens.

“The mittens are a bright, functional and touching embodiment of the Olympic ideals, uniting different peoples around sport,” Sochi 2014 Organising Committee President and Chief Executive Officer Dmitry Chernyshenko said. “We hope that the Olympic and Paralympic Flame, passed on from one torch bearer to the other, will touch everyone’s hear and that its warmth will be transmitted to the whole country through the open palms that wave Russian flags.”

The mittens will also symbolise honest sport competitions with its white colour and a national flag will be placed on the inner side of each mitt. In all, more than 80 unique mittens will be sold for 500 rubles. The back of the Olympic mittens feature the Olympic rings and Sochi 2014 work mark, while the Paralympic mittens feature the Agitos symbol and the Sochi 2014 word mark.

“We were faced with an exciting challenge – to design a product that would unite all fans of the Games and would be affordable for all visitors,” BOSCO Group Head Mikhail Kusnirovich said. “The Vancouver Games are remembered for their “red mittens,” and we are proud to have founding a fitting continuation to this trend. The design of the mittens was made to reflect the peaceful history of the Games and enable fans to demonstrate loyalty for their teams. The mittens are bright, warm and comfortable." 

“The Games are a very important step in an athlete’s sporting career, and our emotional state is strongly impacted by supportive fans,” Sochi 2014 Ambassador and Olympic Games medalist Ivan Skobrev said. “I am eager to see many palms with Russian flags waving in the air, and I will do my best to fulfill expectations of everyone who supports the Russian team.”

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