POSTED: August 27th 2013

US Government provides backing to Generations For Peace

Teachers at Generations For Peace Dana Camp - Violence in schools Programme / Generations For Peace
Teachers at Generations For Peace Dana Camp - Violence in schools Programme / Generations For Peace

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(SFC) Generation For Peace’s programme to combat violence in schools and universities in Jordan has received support from the United States government through the US Department of State’s “Middle East Partnership Initiative.”

Generations For Peace received governmental support from Norway earlier this year, and the support shows the interest in Generations For Peace’s cost-efficient, impactful conflict transformation programmes. Combined with the organisation’s own funding and Regional Partner Samsung Electronics Levant, the “Middle East Partnership Initiative” adds another source of funding for important pilot programmes in Jordan.

Generations For Peace is partnering with the Jordanian Ministry of Education to provide teachers training in new problem-solving skills and help them develop a more thorough awareness of the complex issues regarding violence in schools, as well as the roles teacher play in reducing violence. Teachers practiced unique conflict transformation activities using sport, arts and advocacy in training last week.

“Change is possible,” Nusseibeh High School for Girls teacher Huda Nasrallah said. “This programme gives us hope that, as teachers, we can reduce the incidents of violence in schools and make a really positive impact. I expect to see the results with my students very soon.”

“It is truly alarming to see the toll that violence takes on our society, in our schools and our universities, and the resources that are being wasted in these negative interactions,” Generations For Peace Founder and Chairman RH Prince Feisal Al Hussein said. “This is why Generations For Peace, with support from MEPI and Samsung Electronics Levant, is taking steps to test the impact of our unique methodology for helping to reduce violence, allowing teachers and professors to focus on teaching, and students to reach their full potential.”

“Through active research and participatory monitoring and evaluation, the Generations For Peace Institute is supporting our learning and innovation in this pilot programme before we roll it out on a wider scale next year,” Generations For Peace Co-Founder and President HRH Princess Sarah Al-Fesial. “This will help us to maximise our impact and sustainability. Our partners, MEPI and Samsung, also share our vision and a commitment to promote peace-building values in our youth, to ensure a better future for generations to come.”

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