POSTED: August 15th 2013

Brochure Released by FILA drives points home on campaign to Save Olympic Wrestling

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(SFC) Today, a special edition brochure was issued by the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA). It summarizes its case for remaining on the Olympic Program. Every member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) received a mailed issue of the brochure and it was made accessible on the FILA’s website, using the link,

Using the momentum from the history-making wrestling match in Ancient Olympia, Greece, and the social media campaign #TakeAStance, this special brochure showcases FILA’s ongoing efforts to Save Olympic Wrestling. 

Included in the brochure is high quality imagery of the wrestling, and these points and others, for consideration:

Wrestling was an original Olympic sport - The history of wrestling is the history of all of us.

Wrestling is a pure sport – Wrestlers are among the world’s most dedicated ama¬teur athletes, driven by passion for a sport that involves only their hands, hearts and minds.

Wrestling is a global sport with over 177 national federations on six continents - Many cultures claim credit to the sport’s birth—a sport that crosses borders and is prac¬ticed and loved by nearly every culture in the world.

Wrestling is for everyone – Children and adults, men and women, boys and girls— at all levels of skill—participate, using the same, simple, cir¬cular field-of-play.

Wrestling is evolving - FILA is actively making changes to make the sport more popular for ath-letes, spectators, sponsors, and the media, while attracting an en¬ergized and new generation of fans.

The future of wrestling on the Olympic Program will be voted on by the members of the International Olympic Committee on September 8, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. FILA fans can follow the efforts on Twitter @FILA_Official or on Facebook at

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