POSTED: August 12th 2013

Recent survey shows majority of Russians in favor of Sochi 2014 Winter Games

CHAD WISE / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) According to a recent sociological survey conducted in April and May 2013 in 22 Russian cities, 97% of participants were aware of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics and 93% were aware of the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi.

Eighty-three percent of participants were in favour of the Games in Sochi, with 46% strongly supporting the Winter Games being held in Russia and 37% supporters of the Games.

Respondents also showed positive emotions towards the Games, like pride (60%), positive attitude (47%), optimism (42%), inspiration (36%) enthusiasm (27%) and involvement (21%).

Participants said the Games will drive positive attitudes towards sport in children (69%), improve the country’s image in the world (68%) and have a beneficial impact on the tourist industry (60%). They also said the Games would contribute to a sense of national pride (60%), attract more people to cultural events (58%) and will enable people to get involved in local organisations’ activities (53%).

All but one percent of respondents recognised the emblem of the Sochi 2014 Games and favourably viewed the Olympic Torch (77%) and Sochi 2014 logo (70%). Sixty percent of Russians would purchase products bearing the Games symbol, which would include mascots (66%), clothing (59%) and souvenirs (53%).

Eighty-one percent of Russians plan to watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games on both television and the internet, while 25% will follow Games progress on mobile applications. Russians planning on being in Sochi for the Winter Games total at 17% of the surveyed respondents, with 10% having already purchased tickets, 32% wanting to buy tickets before the Games, and 58% expecting to purchase tickets in the near future.

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