POSTED: August 7th 2013

Istanbul 2020 Opening Ceremony would maximize the legacy for the city

The regeneration of the port area is the strongest part of the legacy of the Istanbul 2020 plan / Istanbul 2020
The regeneration of the port area is the strongest part of the legacy of the Istanbul 2020 plan / Istanbul 2020

A spectacular water view would set a stage for fireworks / Istanbul 2020
A spectacular water view would set a stage for fireworks / Istanbul 2020

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(SFC) In precisely one month, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be making the selection of the host city for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. If Istanbul is the selected in September over Madrid or Tokyo, it will be seven years before the Opening Ceremony of the Istanbul 2020 Olympic Games takes place.

“So what better moment to introduce to you some more details of Istanbul 2020’s ceremonies concept, and what that concept promises for the future of Istanbul and its citizens?” said Istanbul 2020 Chairman, Hasan Arat.

A dedicated ceremonies stadium for Istanbul 2020, the Bosphorous Stadium would become the first in Games history. The stadium will be a horseshoe configuration, which would be a classical amphitheatre with cutting-edge specifications and be able to seat 70,000. The most exciting thing the stadium has to offer is the view it will provide. The bowl of the stadium will look out across to the Bosphorus strait towards the Golden Horn. Also, Istanbul has some iconic architecture to offer, such as the Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, and the Hagia Sophia, not to mention the amazing and breathtaking location of the stadium on the waterfront, giving plenty of opportunity to activate the waterfront itself in some creative ways.

The Bosphorus Stadium, and the rest of the Port Cluster, fit perfectly with the government’s long-term vision for the development of the city. Being a part of Istanbul’s most exciting regeneration project, it rivals the 1992 Games when Barcelona opened up the Mediterranean coast. Haydarpasa Port will go through a major redevelopment, which will reclaim the waterfront, transforming an outdated industrial area into a state-of-the-art, 58-hectare sports, leisure and entertainment complex. The complex will have many new features that include parks, plazas and promenades, cafés, remediated green spaces, and a breakwater walkway. The Bosphorus Stadium itself will become a much needed entertainment venue, as its capacity will be reduced to around 20,000.

“Not only would it deliver an immersive, unforgettable experience of a brand new culture for the Olympic Movement, it would have immense symbolic power. At the Opening Ceremony, the continents would come together physically and figuratively for an unprecedented celebration of harmony in diversity,” Hasan Arat stated.

The ceremonies have been created carefully to maximize the visual impact of the city’s spectacular natural and architectural beauty. A hub will be positioned in the heart of the historic area for Istanbul as a supplementary broadcasting hub to the main IBC/MPC that will be located in the Olympic Park. The hub will be looking out over the Bosphorus towards the Asian side of the city along with the Bosphorus Stadium. Istanbul 2020 has guaranteed that a global audience of billions will be captured by cinematic moments of Olympic history.

Hasan Arat said, “The Istanbul 2020 Bid Committee invites you to discover our vision for an Opening Ceremony that will cross continents and cultures, nations and generations.”

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