POSTED: August 5th 2013

Turkish NOC Chief Erdener emphasizes the country is reacting seriously to the doping allegations with new suspensions

IOC Member and head of the Turkish NOC and the World Archery Federation / World Archery
IOC Member and head of the Turkish NOC and the World Archery Federation / World Archery

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(SFC) The Turkish track and field federation has suspended 31 athletes on doping charges just one month ahead of the crucial 2020 Olympic summer Games vote where Istanbul is one of the three candidates.

Turkish National Olympic Committee head and IOC member, Professor Ugur Erdener, affirms the NOC’s mission to cleanup sport and feels that the new revelations are a watershed. Erdener is also chief of the World Archery Federation.

The news comes just on the heels of the International Association of Athletics Fedearation (IAAF) last week suspending nine athletes for anabolic steroids whereby all received two-year bans. Ironically six are women, including two teenagers.

IAAF chief and International Olympic Committee (IOC) voting member, Lamine Diack, commented to the press that the country needs to take this very seriously and that Turkish athletics needs to “clean house”. A big wake up call for Turkish sport.

Turkish Athletics Federation President Mehmet Terzi resigned over the remarks and a new leader is set to be selected tomorrow in an Extraordinary Congress that will be held in Ankara.

Erdener said, “The list of 31 Turkish athletes who have been suspended for doping violations, released today by the Turkish Athletics Federation, is a clear signal of how seriously Turkey is taking the global issue of doping.

“The athletes were found to be in violation of Turkey’s strict anti-doping laws following testing undertaken by the Turkish anti-doping authority (TADA).

“TADA conducted the tests either as part of their own anti-doping programmes, or in conjunction with the IAAF and WADA. This work is part of a concerted, and much more aggressive, anti-doping policy in Turkey that has been in place for over six months and will be further reinforced with the re-accreditation of the WADA licenced anti-doping laboratory in Ankara later this year.
“I look forward to working closely with the new incoming chairman of Turkish athletics who I will expect to aggressively seek out and expel all athletes who cheat using performance-enhancing drugs.

“This will be supported by an intensive education programme aimed at athletes and their entourages, and students in schools and colleges across Turkey. 

“Led by the Turkish Government, Turkey has zero-tolerance for doping and it is our intention to have clean, young athletes competing on the international sporting stage in the future.”

A list of the athletes can be found here:

Istanbul is competing against Madrid and Tokyo to host the 2020 Summer Olympics and the final decision will be taken on September 7th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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