POSTED: July 20th 2013

Volunteers help German sports clubs

CHAD WISE / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) A recent scientific report done by German Sports University Cologne’s Professor Christoph Breuer has found 8.75 million volunteers working in German sports organised by DOSB.

The 91,000 German sports clubs account for nearly 27.8 million members and 750,000 of the volunteers serve as board members of their respective sports clubs. On average, each worker works about 15.4 hours per month, meaning 12.5 million hours per month and 150 million hours per year in total, worth €187 million per month and €2.25 billion per year.

“The sports clubs are offering a broad service to society and help to strengthen the solidarity of society,” DOSB President Thomas Bach said.

The report surveyed 21,998 German sports clubs and is 906 pages in length.

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