POSTED: June 30th 2013

Shark fins banned on Korean Air cargo flights

CHAD WISE / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Korean Air has joined other major Asian airlines in banning the shipment of shark fins on the airline’s cargo flights earlier this month.

“Korean Air has joined a campaign to protect an ecological system by imposing a complete ban on the shipment of shark fin,” a Korean Air statement read.

Humans kill nearly 100 million sharks per year for the delicacy used in soups, according the United Nations Good and Agriculture Organisation. Other airlines, such as Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific, Asiana, Air Pacific, and Air New Zealand, have also recently banned shipments of shark fins.

Environmentalists say Hong Kong is the transit point for nearly half of the global shark fin trade, which mostly goes to a Chinese market. Airlines are hoping to counteract the loss of shark fin shipments with other high-value goods, with Cathay Pacific stating it wants to ship more diamonds and medicines.

With more and more airlines refusing to ship the fins of the endangered species, soup, made with 76 grams of shark fins, could become more expensive.

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