POSTED: June 25th 2013

Evaluation Commission report points to Tokyo's security and infrastructure as highlights of Games bid

(L to R) Masato Mizuno, bid ceo, Naoki Inose, Governor of Tokyo, and IOC Member and president of the bid Tsunekazu Takeda / Tokyo 2020
(L to R) Masato Mizuno, bid ceo, Naoki Inose, Governor of Tokyo, and IOC Member and president of the bid Tsunekazu Takeda / Tokyo 2020

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(SFC) The Evaluation Commission Report of the International Olympic Committee, released today, praised the security, compactness, and financial strength of Tokyo’s bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.

The report is an assessment of the Tokyo 2020 Bid Candidature File’s 14 themes, assessed during the Evaluation Commission’s visit earlier this year.

The Tokyo 2020 Games Plan would “unite world-class innovation with traditional values under the motto of ‘Discover Tomorrow,’” the report said, while it also highlighted the short travel times for athletes between a majority of the competition venues and the Olympic Village.

Tokyo 2020’s “Hosting Reserve Fund” of US$4.5 billion “exceeds the proposed amount of government-funded capital expenditures associated with the Games and its precense significantly reduces the risks normally inherent in the delivery of the Games infrastructure by government.” Tokyo’s bid will not require a major investment in transportation, airports, accommodation, or electrical infrastructure, giving it the financial and structural security necessary to host the Games.

The existing transportation and structural infrastructure, with Tokyo boasting one of the most modern public transportation systems and 11 new permanent venues for the Games, would benefit Tokyo both in hosting the Games and in the long term.

“I am extremely pleased with the report, which reflects the very positive and productive week we shared with the IOC team,” Tokyo 2020 President and International Olympic Committee Member Tsunekazu Takeda said. “We thank the members of the Evaluation Commission for visiting Tokyo and recognising so many positive aspects of the city that will allow us to deliver a superb Games.

“We are proud that the report confirms our Bid’s very strong technical excellence, which offers certainty in uncertain times for sport. There can be no doubt that we will deliver and offer the IOC a strong partnership

“We are also aware that we must deliver much more than just a strong report. This is why we are thrilled that the report reflects the excitement and passion within our Games vision, the delivery of a city centre Games celebration with 35 million passionate sport fans that will be unlike anything seen before.

“The report clearly identifies the advantage of our ultra compact Games plan, which puts the athletes first with 85% of venues within eight kilometres of the Olympic Village, and fully integrates the Games in heart of Tokyo’s safe and exciting city centre.

“It is particularly encouraging that our vision and plans continue to receive overwhelming public support, highlighted by IOC’s poll showing 70% support in Tokyo. With such strong technical foundations, we know we can focus on the all-important extras that will help to inspire million of young people and help keep Olympism at the heart of our rapidly-changing world. The IOC’s feedback is highly valuable, so we will continue to study the highly positive report closely and review any areas we can make additional improvements as we prepare to host a superb Games in 2020.”

“During the IOC Evaluation Commission’s visit to Tokyo in March of this year, the Bid Committee explained in detail about Tokyo’s intricate transportation system which carries 26 million people each day, the $4.5 million Games Hosting Fund already in the bank, and the safe and secure nature of our city,” Tokyo 2020 Chairman and Governor of Tokyo Naoki Inose said. “Additionally, through our seamless and efficient arrangement of site visits, the Evaluation Commission members were left with a strong impression of our compact venue plan and organisational ability. Furthermore, with our sincere “omotenashi” spirit of hospitality, I feel that Tokyo’s appeal as a city was conveyed accurately as well.

“As a result, I am extremely happy to learn that Tokyo’s compact venue plan, quick and reliable transportation system, first-class accommodation, strong financial base, solid security system, and strong hosting ability were rated high by the Evaluation Commission members.

“Between now and the announcement of the Host City decision at the IOC General Assembly in September, Tokyo 2020 will continue to give our all to the Bid in order to realise our goal of hosting an Olympic and Paralympic Games which inspires our world. Our activity is supported by an All-Japan team including the national government, regional governments, the business community, and the sports world.”

Tokyo is bidding against Madrid and Istanbul to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. The Host City will be announced at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires 7 September.

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