POSTED: June 5th 2013

Bach: The IOC must work to keep the Games the most attractive event in the world

IOC Vice-President Thomas Bach is also head of the German Olympic Committee / DOSB
IOC Vice-President Thomas Bach is also head of the German Olympic Committee / DOSB

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(SFC) The Associated Press reports that International Olympic Committee (IOC) presidential contender Thomas Bach (GER) has released his campaign plans with a series of innovations to run the Olympic Movement.

Bach transmitted his 15 page manifesto to the IOC members and entitled it “Unity in Diversity” with his outline for his campaign plans. He too has some ideas for dealing with the highly controversial choices of sports for the Olympic program. He also agrees with the scaling back of disciplines to whittle down the size of the Games as opposed to adding and axing sports.

Currently there are a record six candidates running for the top job in Olympic sports: IOC vice-presidents Thomas Back and Ser Miang Ng, IOC executive board members C.K. Wu and Sergey Bubka, rowing federation chief Denis Oswald and head of the IOC finance commission, Richard Carrion.

Thomas Bach has also said that he was not surprised at the record number of candidates, that it was expected as the time grew near for members to throw their hats in the ring. There are still a few more days until the deadline to submit campaigns.

However he added that this really didn’t concern him that he was concentrating his campaign on his own values to bring to the table.

Another point that Bach raised was innovations to the Olympic host city  bidding process as AP noted “balance the interests of the IOC in an in-depth review and risk analysis of a bid on the one hand, and the interest of a potential bidder in a social and promotional return on investment on the other”.

Bach noted on the possibility of a review of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge’s pet project, after Nanjing, China next year and the possibility that the YOG might be a testing ground for new sports.

He is decidedly against the idea of a “United World Championships” as newly elected SportAccord president Marius Vizer has proposed in his election campaign. That could be viewed as a conflict of interest with the Olympic Games which serves as the pinnacle of sport.

Interesting to add is he mentioned that he thought the sessions or the general assemblies of the IOC should be more proactive with debates as opposed to update reports. If elected by his peers, the first board meeting under his watch would turn into a week-long brainstorming session to tackle major issues.  

He would like to split the IOC ethics commission into two separate bodies and have the IOC request good governance reports from its recognized bodies.

One thing that none of the candidates have taken a stand on is reinstating the IOC member visits to bidding host cities. Visits were abolished after the Salt Lake City scandal and Dr. Rogge was a firm believer in not going in that direction.

All the presidential candidates will be making presentations to the members in July at the IOC extraordinary session in Lausanne.

The IOC will elect their successor on September 10, in Buenos Aires at the 125th IOC Session.

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