POSTED: June 5th 2013

Glasgow 2018 YOG bid would need no new venues

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(SFC) Glasgow’s 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid received a boost today as the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission report was released with positive comments regarding the Scottish city’s vision for a long-term global impact for youth around the globe.

“We welcome the IOC Evaluation Commission’s report,” Scottish Government Minister for Sport and Commonwealth Games Shona Robison said. “The IOC’s experts have acknowledged our great facilities, long experience of hosting major events and the fact we have virtually no venues to build in order to put on a great YOG in line with the IOC’s original philosophy for the Games.”

Glasgow is bidding against Buenos Aires and Medellin to host the Games. The IOC said Glasgow’s bid was compact and “makes good use of existing venues,” while it is also benefitting from having already staged “innovative” and “classic cultural events.” Finally, the IOC said Glasgow hosting the Youth Olympic Games would present “minimal risk” to the IOC.

“That means we are ideally placed to focus additional time and effort on athletes’ needs, should we have the honour of hosting the Games,” Robison said. “All our efforts are now focused on securing the Games so that we can provide visitors and athletes with the friendly welcome for which Scotland is renowned and provide an experience that will both surprise and delight.”

“We are delighted that the IOC have shown such confidence in our ability to deliver a YOG which presents minimal risk to them and which will be an event that can empower young people both here at home and across the globe,” Glasgow City Council Leader Gordon Matheson said.

“We are grateful for the help and support the IOC have given us and look forward now to working towards the final presentation to show how we can work in partnership with the Olympic Movement to deliver an innovative, visionary YOG which will have a lasting impact on young people everywhere.

“I am also delighted to see that they have acknowledged that we have already started work on our Youth Olympic Village which, as they highlight, will create a vibrant new community in Sighthill.”

“I would like to thank the Evaluation Commission for their guidance and support as we look forward to further showing that Glasgow 2018 can, in partnership with the IOC, deliver a creative, innovative and global YOG,” British Olympic Association Chairman Seb Coe said.

“Glasgow seeks to align its vision for the YOG with the original concept created by the IOC in order to be a partner that can help it grow and flourish across the globe."

Paul Bush, Glasgow 2018 Bid Director, said: “It is very welcome to see that the IOC have praised Glasgow’s determination to use its world-class venues, which are ready and waiting for 2018, in a way that suits the YOG and the best young athletes in the world.

“This Bid has the full and active support of all levels of government who are committed as active partners to delivering a successful and low-risk Games which capitalises on their  expertise in delivering sophisticated programmes for the benefit of young people and the wider community."

The Glasgow bid will benefit from the fact that they are hosting the Commonwealth Games next year and one key IOC member is behind the bid, Sir Craig Reedie, currently head of the 2020 IOC Evaluation Commission.

One point was noted in the budget that any shortfall would be covered by the Scottish Government and the Glasgow City Council, however how that would be allocated was not clearly identified. 

The Glasgow, Medellin and Buenos Aires bid committees will make one last presentation to the IOC membership at the Extraordinary Session of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, 4 July before the final vote.

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