POSTED: May 14th 2013

Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid gets Unconditional Support from Spanish Trade Unions

Candido Mendez, Alejandro Blanco, Fernandez Toxo / Madrid 2020
Candido Mendez, Alejandro Blanco, Fernandez Toxo / Madrid 2020

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Commisioners Obreras (CC.OO) and the Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT), leaders of the Spanish trade unions, have expressed their unconditional support for the Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid.

The unions stated that the bid would result in the international profile of Spain rising, along with creating a large number of new jobs, resulting in economy of Spain being boosted.

The respective secretary generals of the UGT and CC.OO, Ignacio Fernández Toxo and Cándido Méndez voiced their support at a meeting with Alejandro Blanco, President of the bid, and the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE).

The secretary general of the CC.OO, Méndez, commented on the bid’s potential, “The award of the Olympic Games would help us show our country in its proper light at a time when our international image is being undermined. That’s why the bid is an excellent way of casting Spain in a different light.”

Méndez also mentioned, “The economic importance of a successful bid cannot be overlooked. It could revitalize our economy.”

Méndez highlighted on how the significant number of jobs, that the Games would create, will trigger growth, “The president spoke to us about the power of the Olympic Games to create employment. He’s also going to give us a file with the projected figures. The impact is considerable, especially in a situation such as the one Spain finds itself in at the moment.”

The UGT secretary general, Toxo, spoke on how the two trade unions were looking to develop a monitoring committee that would guarantee that Madrid 2020 would meet the highest safety standards. Toxo stated, “Safety measures should be as tight as possible in the construction of the remaining facilities to ensure there are no accidents. It also needs to be seen that every single worker is covered by their collective bargaining agreements. At a later stage we would also be looking to forecast the impact of the Games."

Toxo went on to say, ““We have always supported the bid. It’s a national project that has the backing of Spanish society as a whole.”

In addition, Toxo stated that Spain needed to create quality jobs and that it would also contribute to increasing Spain’s tourism industry.

Toxo noted the 1992 games by remarking, “Barcelona created 300,000 direct jobs in three years, and, quite apart from positive effect on the labor market, it is a city that has changed. It is important that the jobs created are quality ones.”

Toxo stressed, “When Barcelona got the Games it gave our country a shot in the arm, and that’s what we need again now. Spain is a sporting success story but, behind all that, are many people who don’t have success. It would be a real boost.”

Alejandro Blanco thanked Toxo and Méndez for attending the meeting and giving their support, “I would like to express my gratitude to them for being with us here today. It is a great project for economic recovery and job creation. In short, it is Spain’s major commitment to the future.” He added that the Madrid 2020 Olympic Bid is “Spain’s big project.”

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