POSTED: May 16th 2013

NYOCOG on track to host YOG, IOC Coordination Commission says

CHAD WISE / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) After its fourth visit to Nanjing, China, the International Olympic Committee’s Coordination Commission said the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee is on schedule to host the Games in 15 months.

Chairman Alexander Popov congratulated the Organising Committee on its dedication and commitment to hosting the Games and pointed to its detailed preparations. NYOGOC also proposed to use the Asian Youth Games to test functional areas and validate key milestones like the Event Schedule and the Operations Plans, which have been completed on time.

The Coordination Commission last visited Nanjing in September 2012 and has seen the successful completion of the submission and approval of the final Venue Master Plan and the launch of the official Youth Olympic Games mascot and improved website since then.

NYOCOG has also sought domestic sponsorship opportunities and has held talks with TOP partners for marketing activations in support of the Games.

The Coordination Commission wants NYOCOG to build on its work to ensure a “joined-up” approach to hosting the Games, such as an effort to the final detailing and delivery of a Culture and Education Programme for young athletes.

“NYOCOG’s vision for the second Summer Youth Olympic Games is now really taking shape, and the Coordination Commission congratulates it on its progress,” Popov said after the three-day meeting in Nanjing. “As we start climbing the hill toward the final countdown, the coming months will be crucial for YOG preparation, and will present NYOCOG with key opportunities to let the youth of the world know that the YOG spirit is coming to Nanjing and that all are welcome.”

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