POSTED: May 15th 2013

IOA on its way back to the Olympic Games after IOC recommends new road map

MARISSA FLANDERS / Sports Features Communications

(SFC) Today the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held productive meetings involving a delegation from the Indian Sports Ministry, which was headed by Indian Sports Minister, Jitendra Singh.

Representatives from the National Federations of India, who are also members of the suspended Indian Olympic Committee (IOA) were in attendance. A representative from the Olympic Council of Asia was present as well.

On December 4th, 2012, the IOA was suspended by the Executive Board of the IOC. This came about after the IOA’s failure to comply with the Olympic Charter, and additionally, as a protective measure against government interference with the election process of the IOC.

The meetings today were focused on investigating the suspended IOA’s likelihood of holding free, fair, democratic, and transparent elections. These elections would be held on the foundation of the revised IOA constitution, in connection with the Olympic Charter, and not to be affected by outside interference. This could lead to the IOC considering the lifting of the IOA’s suspension.

There were strong guarantees, and an apparent pledge, that the Indian government would completely respect the basis of autonomy of the Olympic Movement by the Indian Sports Minister Jitendra Singh. Additionally, a close cooperation between all concerned parties was formed with a common understanding between all. Specifically, the new sports bill drafting will be commenced in close management with the IOA and the National Federations. The IOC will have prior consultation to guarantee it will be compatible with the Olympic Movement rules and principles.

After the closing of the meetings and preceding consultation with all involved parties, the IOC will consider the necessary measures that must be taken before a lifting the suspension on the IOA. The vision of the IOC is that the IOA hold an extraordinary meeting of its members, in which they can review the IOA constitution, to, in turn, improve its governance and ethics. This would be supported by a meeting to elect new office bearers for the IOA, built on a freshly revised constitution and the Olympic Charter.

The IOC will be attentively monitoring and supervising the entire process, which will install a roadmap for the suspended IOA and all its members to follow.

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