POSTED: April 25th 2013

Al Thawadi's AFC seat campaign built upon four key points

Hassan Al-Thawadi is running for the AFC seat on FIFA's Executive Committee / QFA
Hassan Al-Thawadi is running for the AFC seat on FIFA's Executive Committee / QFA

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(SFC) Secretary General of Qatar 2022 and Qatar Football Association candidate Hassan Al Thawadi spoke of the details of his campaign to be elected as an Asian Football Confederation representative on FIFA’s Executive Committee at a press conference in Doha Thursday.

Al Thawadi was joined by Qatar Football Association President H.E. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmad Al Thani.

“He is a charismatic young man, fluent in four languages and has a distinguished career in business and commercial fields as a talented lawyer,” Al Thani said of Al Thawadi. “Al Thawadi has demonstrated his immense capabilities to contribute to the world of football in his roles as CEO of our successful bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and now as Secretary General of the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee. I strongly believe Al Thawadi is the ideal candidate to represent Asia on FIFA’s Executive Committee.”

“My intention during this campaign was to speak to as many football associations as possible – regardless of size or perceived influence – and to listen to and understand the issues of most importance to them,” Al Thawadi said. “The knowledge gained from these meetings has played an integral part in shaping the agenda that I have outlined today.”

Al Thawadi’s campaign is built upon four points: enhanced representation, educational initiatives, optimising existing development projects and creating the best environment for commercial and administrative success.

“Sheikh Salman is a dear firend and a very strong candidate,” the Secretary General of Qatar 2022 said. “However, the feedback that I have received from federations during my campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. The strength of Asia lies in the diversity and dynamism of its nations. Working with the AFC President, the member associations, and colleagues on the FIFA Executive Committee, I will work to expand Asian representation at FIFA, create opportunities for education at all levels of the game, accelerate football development, and use football as an engine for economic growth across our continent.”

Al Thawadi hopes more effective governance and greater transparency are central to any strategy for increasing efficiency within associations and will eventually result in minimising cost, maximising national, continental and global opportunities, and optimising resources and revenues.

The position of the AFC seat on FIFA’s Executive Committee will be elected on 2 May in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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