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Tokyo 2020: International business community in the city supports the bid

Nine countries represented by Chamber of Commerce offices in Japan are behind Tokyo / Tokyo 2020
Nine countries represented by Chamber of Commerce offices in Japan are behind Tokyo / Tokyo 2020

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(SFC) The Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid also received the backing of the city’s based chambers of commerce and industry representing eight countries in support of the effort to win  the summer Games.

The Japanese campaign has the solid backing of the local international community, as well as the national and local government, and the general public.

"It is a true honour to receive such strong support from our international friends here in Tokyo," said Tsunekazu Takeda, IOC member and President of both the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) and Tokyo 2020.

"These people are excellent ambassadors for the city because they have witnessed first-hand how the Olympic Values of friendship, excellence and respect are part of daily life in Japan's vibrant capital, and why they help to make Tokyo such a special city.

"We wish to reciprocate the support of our international neighbours by demonstrating Japan's renowned culture of hospitality to the entire world during the Tokyo 2020 Games," he concluded.

The bid also has the strong backing from the Japanese business community including formal resolutions from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry that represents over 76,000 companies and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry representing some 1.3 million firms and over 500 branches.

The Tokyo 2020 bid file estimates that the city will attract more than USD 930 million from local sponsorships and official suppliers.


The American Chamber of Commerce Japan represents over 40 organisations and 1,000 companies has announced total support for the Japanese bid.  

President Larry Bates said, "Tokyo is perhaps the most vibrant and multi-faceted city in the world. Its arts, culture, culinary, entertainment, and sports scenes are second to none. The modern and the traditional exist side-by-side, with each complementing, rather than overwhelming, the other.

“Reliability, attention to detail, and an unparalleled service-oriented mentality make Tokyo—and Tokyoites—the ideal hosts for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Australia and New Zealand

The combined Chamber of Commerce Japan of both countries also released a statement from Chair Melanie Brock: "Tokyo is an ideal host for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. There is a strong desire to both bring the world to Japan, and take Japan to the world. Everything from their people's honesty to their world-class service makes it a very easy and safe place to live. The constant buzz around the city is also amazing and the city is always changing and that keeps living here fresh."


"We fully support Tokyo's 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Host City bid. It is a great chance to welcome and to get to know the people of the world in a cosmopolitan atmosphere," said Austrian Business Council President Peter Aldrian.

Belgium and Luxembourg

"After more than 25 years in Japan,” said Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan President Fabrice Tilot, “I still discover so much. I believe Tokyo is the ideal host for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games because travel infrastructure by train and air is superb, and they have proven time and again they could successfully organise such scale events."


"In Tokyo, everything is possible,” proclaimed Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan President Wilf Wakely. “A magnet for talented and ambitious people from across Japan and indeed the world, this city has capitalised on its stunning diversity to become one of the globe's great economic and cultural engines. As an embodiment of the Olympic spirit there is truly no other city like it, and no other city better suited to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games."


"An active metropolis in terms of business, culture, and entertainment among others, Tokyo is also one of the safest places to live,” stated Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan President Marko Saarelainen. “Apart from the Nagano Winter Olympic Games, I also had a chance to attend the 1991 World Championships in Athletics. After the games I was convinced that Tokyo was able to organise any event on earth. Big metropolis can be a very compact place to host big events such as Olympic and Paralympic Games, when well planned. And the planning is what Japanese people can and love to do."


"As Tokyo is now bidding to host the 2020 Games, there is no doubt that Japan is fully prepared and committed to providing a world-class event and experience,” said Swedish Chamber of Commerce Japan President Stefan Gustafsson. “Based on such qualities as infrastructure, safety and experience of hosting large events, Tokyo is ideally positioned for a successful outcome when the decision is taken in September this year."

Tokyo is competing against Istanbul and Madrid to host the summer Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will select theit host city on September 7th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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