POSTED: March 21st 2013

Madrid 2020: Botella agrees that bidding investment is a good one

Madrid Mayor Ana Botella exclusively met the Olympic press / Stratos Safioleas
Madrid Mayor Ana Botella exclusively met the Olympic press / Stratos Safioleas

LAURA WALDEN in MADRID / Sports Features Communications

March 21 – Madrid Mayor Ana Botella declares that the bidding investment that the city has made through the last two bids has been a good promotion. The Mayor also confirmed that they had been working on bids for 15 years and that those have been years of hard word.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board member, Juan Antonio Samaranch, talking with estimated that Madrid has spent US$100 million on bidding during these three bids. Samaranch said that he thought that even though the city hadn’t won the nod of the IOC still the money was a wise investment and they had gained worldwide

He said, "Our local communities spend more than $30 million a year to promote internationally their regions. The amount of unpaid publicity that we get through you, the international press, for any bid is much more the return on investment."

Botella chairs the foundation in charge of the bid as well.

“Madrid is the actual capital of Spain so I think that this will be the Games for the whole country,” noted the Mayor.

Botella comes from a long line of experience knowing the challenges and strengths of the candidate city.

“I have been involved in the politics of the city of Madrid for nine years now. Though I did live through the past bids but I didn’t actively participate.

“ For about four years I was involved with basic services we provided for the city of the bid, for example air quality, environmental services, water treatment, rubbish, cleaning, for the city advertising, furniture and others.

“I was preparing the city for the basic services. I was in charge of the department of the government for all those services I mentioned.

“But importantly I remember the opening ceremony of the Games of Barcelona when the Prince of Asturias represented us and carried the flag. I think most of us have that image of the Prince carrying the flag in our minds as a memory. And we hope for that again," she concluded.

Madrid is competing against Istanbul and Tokyo to host the 2020 summer Games. The IOC will make their final decision on September 7 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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