POSTED: March 6th 2013

FILA Acting President to meet with IOC President Rogge

CHAD WISE / Sports Features Communications

March 6 – International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Dr. Jacques Rogge will meet with FILA Acting President Nenad Lalovic in Lausanne on Thursday, 7 March. FILA, the International Federation for Wrestling, is attempting to keep wrestling on the Olympic Programme.

FILA has been in contact with various Olympic Family members to gain information and advice on how to remain on the Olympic Programme. From these discussions, FILA has taken significant steps in addressing the IOC Executive Board’s concerns in its decision to remove wrestling on 12 February.

Along with naming Lalovic Acting President and appointing Stan Dziedzic as Vice President, FILA has elected three new members to the FILA Bureau: Jim Scherr of the United States, Alexander Karelin of Russia and Pedro Gama Filho of Brazil.

“Although the IOC’s decision was a clear disappointment to the wrestling world, we very much understand it is our responsibility to get our house in order,” Lalovic said. “We in no way blame the IOC for our predicament and will view its decision as an opportunity to improve our sport and to help strengthen the Olympic Movement.”

FILA has added athletes to the FILA Bureau and increased women’s participation at all levels of the sport in an attempt to respond to IOC concerns. It will also conduct a review of wrestling rules to make sport more understandable and attractive to spectators and less dependent upon subjective officiating. FILA will also try to modernise the competition format by reviewing the presentation of the sport.

FILA has begun initiatives to energise the marketing and promotion of wrestling to increase its appeal to commercial partners and diversify its revenue sources.

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