POSTED: March 3rd 2013

Tokyo 2020: IOC Evaluation Commission visit started with official reception

The opening of the IOC Evaluation Commission meeting / Tokyo 2020
The opening of the IOC Evaluation Commission meeting / Tokyo 2020

Prime Minister Abe welcomed the IOC / Tokyo 2020
Prime Minister Abe welcomed the IOC / Tokyo 2020

CHAD WISE and LAURA WALDEN in Tokyo / Sports Features Communications

March 3 – International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vice President and Committee Chair Sir Craig Reedie delivered his official remarks to kick-off the IOC’s Evaluation Commission visit of Tokyo. Prime Minister Abe, Tokyo Governor Inose Naoki and Tokyo 2020 President Tsunekazu Takeda also added remarks.

The Prime Minister gave a touching speech,"Tokyo, 2020, will inspire many others, just as Tokyo did before in 1964.

"The Olympic spirit was the same spirit with which Japan grew to its height.

"And yet, in Asia, in 1964, Japan was a lone industrialiser and a lone democracy.

"So for the Japanese, the Olympic spirit became a mission that we must help the rest of Asia to grow."

"Soon, the questions we face now in Japan will be the same questions many others will face -- like how best to rejuvenate an ageing society, how clean and clear you can keep your sky," he noted. 

“Tokyo is a surprising city, especially to visitors,” Inose said. “Take our location today. The very centre of the city, yet calm and green, unlike any other city. The sacred haven of the Imperial Palace and developing around it lively urban activities. Both aspects integrated into a perfect unity.”

“We are eager to spend the coming days sharing our exciting vision,” Takeda said. “In presentations in this room, on the site visits, and from all our speakers; including from the very highest levels of Government.”

The IOC evaluation commission is spending four days viewing the city of Tokyo which is the first of the three cities running for the 2020 summer Games.

The IOC Evaluation Commission is comprised of the following members:

Craig Reedie, Chairman



Claudia BOKEL

Philippe BOVY






Eduardo PALOMO




On behalf of the IOC Gilbert Felli, Olympic Games Executive Director,and Jacqueline Barrett, in charge of Bid City Relations and their team are working with the commission to develop the assessments.

Istanbul and Madrid are also in the race and the IOC will make their final decision on September 7 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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