POSTED: January 30th 2013

POCOG Marketing Director Lee invites Korean companies to get behind the Games

Lawrence Lee the POCOG Marketing Director / SFC
Lawrence Lee the POCOG Marketing Director / SFC

Minji Kang spokesperson of POCOG was MC for the event / SFC
Minji Kang spokesperson of POCOG was MC for the event / SFC

LAURA WALDEN in SEOUL / Sports Features Communications

January 31 – Lawrence Lee the head of marketing for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games (POCOG) issued an official call for sponsorship partners for the first Korean winter Games.

With the signing of the Marketing Plan Agreement (MPA) yesterday in Seoul between POCOG President Kim Jin-Sun and International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief, Dr. Jacques Rogge, this has opened the door for the organizing committee to start doing business for real with Korean companies.

“As you know organizing the Olympic Games requires financial resources. The PyeongChang Games operational budget, excluding new structures and the competition venues involved, is expected at 2.2 trillion Korean won (US$2.1 billion). Out of this 700 million Korean won will be supported by the IOC, while the rest 1.1 trillion won (US$1.1 billion) is pledged to be financed through POCOG’s marketing activities.”

“The gist of POCOG’s marketing activities is to sell exclusive rights to exploit the Olympic Mark, the IOC’s intellectual property to local partners.

“Today’s MPA signing is symbolic as one could say that through this document the IOC entrusts POCOG with the right to use the Olympic Mark and from now on POCOG will take ownership of Olympic Marketing activities.”

“POCOG officially entrusted by the IOC with the rights to the Olympic Mark will now start to engage in active marketing activities including domestic sponsorship sales to generate revenues.

“POCOG sincerely hopes to have your support for PyeongChang 2018 successful Olympic marketing and at the same time encourage local companies’ active participation in our marketing program,” he concluded.

A number of Korean companies, such as Samsung, who is already well known as a TOP sponsor of the IOC, and Korean Air whose chairman, Cho Yang Ho, served as head of the bid, are likely candidates to get on board the domestic program.

Hyundai Motors Group, Lotte Department Store, business conglomerate Hanhwa Group, Taeyoung Engineering & Construction, Korean Association of Newspapers (KAN), and SK Group who deals with chemicals, petroleum and energy all stepped up to sponsor the bid campaign and possibly will continue with the Olympics.

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