POSTED: November 8th 2012

Sochi 2014 Olympics homerun providing free internet service for the media

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

November 8 – The Sochi 2014 organizers announced today during the World Press Briefing that the media covering the winter Games will at last have a basic service for free for all media covering the Olympics.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Sochi 2014 CEO, said, "At the Games in Sochi, along with traditional paid for packages for the first time in history, we will give media representatives free Wi-Fi access, providing maximum openness in covering Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“We were able to work out this optimal solution together with our long-time Partner, the Rostelecom company, and it is something that will be of benefit not just to the company itself, but to the country and the entire Olympic Movement.

The move makes Olympic history for the media and will foresee free Wi-Fi access to the Internet at all the competition venues as well as in the media centers and media hotels.

President of OAO "Rostelecom", Alexander Provotorov, added, "For Rostelecom and the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, the search for the best rates wasn't easy - construction of the network lines in the communication system for the Olympic Winter Games, under extremely difficult mountainous conditions, unavoidably lead to heavy costs.

“We are proud that we managed to find a mutually beneficial balance. Rostelecom is taking heed of what its customers are saying, and is striving to make sure its telecommunications products and services meet their current needs."

In a statement issued today they clarified: The Sochi 2014 Package, provides Wi-Fi access at a speed of up to 10 Mb without individual speed guaranteed in all media-zones of all the competition venues, Main and Gorki Media Centers as well as on the territory of the Olympic stadium. The free package includes access to the "Info+" system via personal mobile devices.

Costs of internet access

There will also be available a higher-speed, paid Internet access for 4,000 rubles (US$127), which is four times cheaper than at the Olympics in Vancouver and two times cheaper than at the Games in London.

This package is superior to similar solutions used at previous Olympic Games. In London, they offered the "Gold" package for 150 pounds (US$240) for 34 days, and in Vancouver the "Netzone" package cost an elevated 560 Canadian dollars (US$560).

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