POSTED: October 5th 2012

Tokyo 2020: Thousands turn up for music commemoration with 33 Olympians

The Olympic concert beautifully twinned music and sport  / Tokyo 2020 / Photo Kishimoto
The Olympic concert beautifully twinned music and sport / Tokyo 2020 / Photo Kishimoto

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October 5 - The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra brought music, culture and sports together in Tokyo on October 4th for an evening of celebration of the Olympics. The concert featured famous classical music played to accompany highlights from the 2012 Olympic Games in London projected on a large screen.

Tokyo Philharmonic conductor Yukio Fujioka led his orchestra in a series of popular classical melodies and famous movie theme songs. Meanwhile, the London medalists got to see their performances on the giant screen behind the orchestra. 

The concert was held at the Tokyo International Forum. The Forum is being put forward as the weightlifting venue in Tokyo’s 2020 Games plan presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Thousands of people turned out for the show, which underscores the city’s commitment and passion to win the bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Thirty-three medalists from the London games came to participate and celebrate. 

The concert is an annual event hosted by the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) every year since 1997. 

Several Japanese medalists were interviewed during the concert.

Akiko Adachi played on the 2012 Paralympic Games women's gold medal goalball team. “I used to play the piano when I was a child and have had a passion for music ever since, so hearing this wonderful music in person today is a truly amazing experience for me,” she said.

Ryota Murata, the men’s boxing middleweight gold medal winner in 2012 said, "Looking back at the Olympic Games with today's music, I was able to see the Games from a different look this time. I realized once again how great the Olympics are, and I get excited just imagining the possibility of Tokyo hosting the 2020 Games."

The evening was a definitive effort by the JOC to demonstrate their ability to mix culture with sports which is the main part of the cultural Olympiad.

By showing the island nation’s passion for sports and ability to come together in good will and harmony, the Japanese Olympic Movement hopes the IOC will give the nod to the Tokyo bid this time. The IOC meets next September to decide who will host the 2020 games.

Tsunekazu Takeda, IOC member and president of the both the bid and the JOC said, "As a magnificent synthesis of sport, art and culture, the Olympic Concert is an opportunity for all of us-athletes, officials and citizens- to reflect on our passion for the Olympic Movement and its power to unite the world as only the Games can.

"Tokyo 2020 and its millions of supporters across Japan rejoiced in this celebration of the universal Olympic Values of excellence, friendship and respect.

"Japan would be deeply honoured to carry on this tradition by lighting the Olympic Torch in Tokyo for the 2020 Games."

 Tokyo is running against Istanbul and Madrid to host the summer Games.

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