POSTED: September 25th 2012

Sochi 2014: New Pictograms and a breakout slogan Hot.Cool.Yours for the winter Olympics

The new identity for the sports and disciplines / Sochi 2014
The new identity for the sports and disciplines / Sochi 2014

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

September 25 – As the country was celebrating the 500 day countdown to the Games organizers took the moment to also unveil the new pictograms of the sports and the new slogan “"Hot.Cool.Yours” to brand the Games.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, head of the Sochi 2014 Games, said, "The slogan of the Winter Games in Sochi, in my opinion, very successfully captures the diversity of Russia’s national character, and the very personal nature of this Games.

“The Sochi 2014 slogan demonstrates that it is impossible not to participate, watch, experience and be proud because this is Your Games."

The new slogan basically depicts "Hot." to reflect the intensity of the competition “Cool” as a reminder of the winter sports, and “Yours” means that even though the event is large it is also personal.


The Sochi 2014 pictograms were unveiled which will be the identity of the 22 sports and Olympic disciplines for the Games.

Games’ chief Dmitry Chernyshenko, noted, "The new Sochi 2014 pictograms have been carefully created incorporating the Look of the first Winter Games in the history of Russia. The symbolic images of sport will be everywhere; at our Olympic venues, on licensed merchandise and even on Olympic tickets.

“The pictograms turned out to be intuitively understandable. I have no doubt that the pictograms will have particular significance to all residents of  Russia, as these new symbols have been influenced by the 1980 Moscow Olympics pictograms, "creating a bridge" from the past to the future".

They were designed to complement the patchwork quilt look of the Games and the graphics match the Sochi 2014 logo. Also the graphics were created using two color schemes.

The first a monochrome color scheme, the second comprises of yellow, violet, green, dark blue and red to coordinate with the patchwork designs.

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