POSTED: August 22nd 2012

Statements from the Jordan Olympic and Paralympic Committees

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August 22 - Three members of the Jordanian Paralympic team have been accused of sexual offenses while they are training at a Paralympic facility in Northern Ireland. the team has been at the Antrim Forum since August 8th.

Power lifter, Omar Sami Qaradhi, 31, has been accused of sexual assault two against a chil and one of voyeurism. Bronze medal powerlifter, Motaz Al Junaidi, 45, has also been accused of assault and trainer Faisal Hammash, 35, as well is accused of inciting two young girls to engage in sexual activity. All three have been released on bail and will have to reappear in court on October 18th.

King Abdulla II has taken a special interest in the situation and the following bodies have issued statements:

Statement from the Jordan Olympic Committee

“The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) deeply regrets hearing of these charges and treats allegations of this nature with the utmost seriousness because we have a zero tolerance on any misconduct. The JOC has full confidence in the British justice system and will remain in close contact with the Jordan Paralympic Committee which has been cooperating with the Northern Irish authorities in their investigation. We are following developments closely through the Jordan Embassy in the UK which is providing consular support to the delegation on the ground.”

Statement from the Jordan Paralympic Committee

“The President and Board of the Jordan Paralympic Committee (JPC) wish to convey their deep sense of regret and shock at the charges that have been lodged against three members of the Jordanian Paralympic team in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The JPC is confident that the court will act promptly and fairly in adjudicating the case. At the same time the JPC fully appreciates the severity of the charges and in no way wishes to belittle the matter in any way, shape or form. The JPC denounces in the strongest terms possible all types of harassment and abuse and wishes to reaffirm that this type of abhorrent behavior is totally and utterly unacceptable and is to be condemned at all times.”

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