POSTED: July 25th 2012

PyeongChang 2018 to have all venues ready by 2016 to test extensively

POCOG President Jin Sun Kim / IOC photo
POCOG President Jin Sun Kim / IOC photo

Minji Kang the new spokesperson for POCOG / SFC
Minji Kang the new spokesperson for POCOG / SFC

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

 July 25 – The PyeongChang 2018 organizers brought the International Olympic Committee (IOC) up to date with the progress of the preparations now that it has been over one year since they won the bid to host the winter Games.  According to the time table of preparations the organizers plan to have all the venues ready for use by 2016 to have plenty of time to try them out and to become familiar with accessibility with test events.

President Jin Sun Kim opened the briefing and was joined by vice-president Dong Hoo Moon and newly nominated spokesperson, Minji Kang.

Last October 19, 2011 the organizing committee took shape and developed a structure giving the Games a foundation to build on. There are 119 members coming from the national and local government, Korean Olympic Committee (KOC), national sports federations, Korean IOC members, and Olympians.

A special legal entity for the organizing committee was backed by the establishment of the Special Act.

The organizational structure aims to bring continuity and expertise. There are many core staff from the bid committee, sports experts, professionals from large events. There are 93 staff as of now and there will be 120 staff by the end of the year.

Even the government has set up a Games support committee headed by the Prime Minister and the provincial and city government have also created their own support committee.  

The Dream Program, inviting youths from various parts of the world to experience winter sports, was started in 2004 and since then has reached out to over 1,000 participants coming from 57 countries around the world.  Now the program also is functioning as a winter sports academy for various other  sports groups and expanding its objectives.

The organizing committee plans to use the Games as a vehicle for education for the youth about the winter Games and winter sports in general to diffuse awareness.

There will be special curricula on both and the local ice rinks and winter sports ski resorts will be involved to get young people integrated with winter camps.  

An ongoing program for NOCs and IF visitation will keep them informed on the progress with the venues as well as get them familiar.  Special language programs will be put into place as well as eco-friendly vehicles that will be operated during the Games.

Very important there will be FREE Wi-FI at all venues for participants.

According to the new Special Act passed by the government, this will offer government support as well as government officials and will provide a legal base for POCOG and the marketing program plus the protection of the intellectual properties.

The government support committee will be chaired by the Prime Minister, and include POCOG president, the Governor of Gangwon Province, and the presidents of the KOC and the Korean Paralympic Committee (KPC).

Also a Olympic Special Zone will be linked with the long term development of the Gangwon Province to host the Games that will include tax reduction and exemption, reduction of burden charge and financial support.

The Special Act also broke down the financial responsibilities and in regard to the construction of the competition venues at least 75% will fall with the national government and 25% will fall with the local government. In regard to the construction of infrastructure the national government will cover 100% of the railways, expressways and the national roads, the local roads will be covered 70% by the national government and 30% by the local government.

PyeongChang Games will leave a sustainable legacy by making the region the winter sports hub of East Asia.

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