POSTED: July 17th 2012

Family of kidnapped Libya NOC Chief pleads government; ANOC head urges release before Ramadan

ANOC head and president of the Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Al-Sabah recalls that Ramadan starts in just days - calls for release / ANOC
ANOC head and president of the Olympic Council of Asia Sheikh Al-Sabah recalls that Ramadan starts in just days - calls for release / ANOC

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July 17 – Reuters news reports that the family of kidnapped Libyan NOC president Nabil Elalem are urging the government to step up the involvment after two days and they still don't know where he is.

His brother, Khaled Elalem spoke to Reuters and said that "There are rumours going round about his whereabouts but we do not know where he is. The state should be doing more. We are calling on the International Olympic Committee and all Olympic committees around the world to get involved in this matter so that he can return to his family."

Reuters reports that his brother Khalid said that the family demonstrated outside the Ministry of the Interior on Monday and that he had even spoken with the prosecutor general to ramp up the search.

Yesterday the only news was that the deputy chairman of the ruling National Transitional Council, Mustafa El-Huni, said that authorities were working on getting him set free. It is not clear who is holding him hostage or why however.

After the end of Muammar Gadhafi's government last year there are still a number of renegade armed groups who are acting independently.

Gadhafi' son, Mohammed, was formerly the president of the Olympic Committee in Libya. After the government fell he escaped to Algeria and Elalem, a judo champion, then took over the governance of the Olympic body.

The Libyan national team are due to leave for London in just a few days and possibly the whole incidence was staged at this key time to draw attention and make a political statement.  

ANOC condems kidnapping

The Association of the National Olympic Committees (ANOC) chairman, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah issued a statement to the Kuwait press agency KUNA calling for his release. He urged the concerned authorities to intervene prior to the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic and Arab regions.

Depending on the calendar Ramadan begins in a little over 24 hours at the end of this week. On the Muslim calendar it starts on July 19 and on the Islamic calendar on July 20th.  

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