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Madrid 2020 Ceo Sanchez says it is their time

Victor Sanchez is betting on third time lucky for Madrid 2020 / Madrid 2020
Victor Sanchez is betting on third time lucky for Madrid 2020 / Madrid 2020

Europa Press conference / Madrid 2020
Europa Press conference / Madrid 2020

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July 5 – Madrid 2020 bid ceo Victor Sanchez spoke out at a conference organized by Europa Press to drive home the point that winning the summer Games bid would be 28 years since Barcelona and it would be the right time for Madrid.

Sanchez also noted that they are considering making two venue changes to include the Las Ventas bullring and the Palacio de Vistalegre in an effort to scale down the budget and he said, “Of course, these are two possibilities we are not excluding”.  The choice of these two facilities might facilitate the economic guarantees that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requires.

“No other bid has built the number of infrastructures Madrid has to date, and the IOC positively appreciates that”, he added on the high number of already available venues.

“It seems to be logical to use the top-level venues we currently have.”

However Sanchez, who is also the Secretary General of the Spanish Olympic Committee, is adamant about one thing, “In 2020 it will have been 28 years since Barcelona 92. More than one generation and an important part of another one have not experienced the Games. This is the time to boost sport, this is the time for Madrid, we deserve the Games.”

Madrid is up against two tough rivals Tokyo and Istanbul for the 2020 Games. During the 2016 campaign Madrid and Tokyo went to loggerheads in the bid race that Rio de Janeiro finally won.

“Given their strategic situation, some of the cities participate representing two different continents, but we are the only bid within the Euro area, and there are more things that make us European. According to rotation – including Winter and Youth Games – Games should come back to Europe” he added.

He also hopes Madrid will follow in PyeongChang’s footprints as the number three is lucky for the Spanish capital, “Third time will be lucky, there are three levels within our organization, three officials of the SOC [Alejandro Blanco, Theresa Zabell and himself] working for the Bid, three members with the right to vote at the IOC; which grants some advantage, this is the third time Madrid applies to host the Games, and three are the cities that have made the cut.”

Spain just won the Euro Cup against Italy and the country is riding high on the victory. Also during 2013 and 2014 Spain will host “seven World Championships and a European one” reaffirming their dedication to sports.

The IOC will choose their host city for the 2020 Games at the session in Buenos Aires on September 7 2013.


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