POSTED: June 24th 2012

Foreign Office braced for Argentine protest on the Falklands at Olympics

Will London 2012 have in its history political protests? / SFC
Will London 2012 have in its history political protests? / SFC

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June 24 – The Times newspaper in London reports that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has now been informed that Argentinian athletes could try to imitate the black power protest of the ’68 Mexico City Games.

The effort would be to attract attention to the Argentinian campaign for sovereignty over the Falkland Islands by imitating the raised fist styled protest on the podium of the 200m medal ceremony.

The FCO was informed that some left-wing groups Hinchadas Unidas Argentinas (HUA) were planning to travel to London and hold a demonstration at one of the venues with a national flag bearing the image of the Falklands.

The Times spoke to a senior FCO source who spoke on anonymity, “We are concerned that Argentina will use the Olympics as an opportunity for protests about the Falklands and have been looking into what we can do. They seem determined to push their case at every opportunity.”

Apparently the FCO has reached out to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and received assurance that in the Olympic areas due to strict rules regarding uniform logos the would not be able to display political symbols.  

“The athletes will not be able to wear Malvinas T-shirts, but we can’t stop everything, particularly what goes on outside the stadium,” the FCO source told the Times.

The situation escalated last week at the Mexico G20 summit when Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, tried to hand over to British Prime Minister David Cameron papers regarding the country’s claim to the Falklands and he refused to accept them.

Earlier this year a controversial advert came out showing an Argentinian hockey player training and running on the Falklands’ War Memorial.  

Activists have long tried to use the Olympic Games as a platform to gain worldwide awareness due to the global nature of the event and the rapidly expanding following.

The Argentinian national Olympic committee distanced themselves from the advert incidence and the hockey play has been left off the team for London.

About 140 athletes have qualified for the London Games to represent Argentina and the NOC has also given their pledge to keep politics out of sports.


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