POSTED: June 21st 2012

Road to Rio 2016: KTA congratulates Bruno Sroka on setting new English Channel kiteboarding record

Bruno Sroka made it look easy with his five hour journey
Bruno Sroka made it look easy with his five hour journey

Sroka averaged 20 knots
Sroka averaged 20 knots

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June 21 –   Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) was thrilled at the boost for kiteboarding by Bruno Sroka’s latest feat of setting a new world record for crossing the English Channel.

World champion kitesurfer Sroka was so excited by the inclusion of kiteboarding on the Rio 2016 Olympic program that he found a symbolic way to celebrate.

Neil Godbold, founder and head of the KTA, said, “The KTA would like to congratulate Bruno Sroka on his recent record breaking achievement in crossing the English Channel by kite to mark the 2012 Olympic Games and Kiteboarding's inclusion as a new Olympic sailing sport for 2016.”

Sroka has actively supported the KTA and helped with running training courses for new Asian kite racers and raced as a guest competitor to add encouragement out on the courses to new riders.

“I am very delighted to beat the record and push the limits and prove that kitesurfing is not only the beach sport. It can be a tough and serious project,” said Sroka.

The most titled French kiter departed on May 17th from Saint Brieuc Bay (France) and crossed to the Bay of Plymouth (UK) covering 100 nautical miles (186 Km) beating the record set in 2004 by fellow Frenchman, Manu Bertin, of 5 hours and 20 minutes. His average speed for the crossing was about 20 knots but at one point he hit a swell that was up to 3 meters high in the middle of the channel with winds gusting up to 60 km per hour.

He already has won the world cup three times but now he has an Olympic Dream of a gold medal at Rio 2016.

But he also ties a purpose to his sport and is an active ambassador for active ambassador for organizations like Peace and Sport, and the Foundation Pour la Nature et L’Homme, Union Nationale des Sports Scolaires.

In 2009 he crossed the Middle Eastern gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea with a blue dove printed on his kite. This way he was going to deliver a peace message for the war torn countries. In 2011 he kited around the Pointe du Raz in Brittany (France) to show his support and appeal for freedom of two kidnapped French journalists in Afghanistan on the anniversary of 500 days held hostage.  

Now he looks forward to Rio in about 1506 days when they open on August 5th 2016.

Past achievements:

World Champion in 2007

3X winner of the World Cup in course race discipline in 2007/2009/2010

3 X winner of European Cup in course race discipline in 2007/2009/2010

3rd place winner of the World Slalom Championship in 2011

3 X French Champion in course racing

World waves Vice Champion in 2004.

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