POSTED: May 24th 2012

SportAccord: Top Olympic media give their views on bidding and the Games

(L to R) Ed Hula, Hiroki Shoda, and Sven Busch / SFC
(L to R) Ed Hula, Hiroki Shoda, and Sven Busch / SFC

(L to R) Sven Busch and Steve Wilson / SFC
(L to R) Sven Busch and Steve Wilson / SFC

LAURA WALDEN in Quebec / Sports Features Communications

May 24 – We all read their news reporting regularly but seldom do we get to hear the media's opinions on the state of affairs of the Olympic Movement. During the Around the Rings (ATR) newsmaker breakfast three top level journalists sat on a panel moderated by editor Ed Hula to talk about the latest developments.

Steve Wilson, Associated Press, Hiroki Shoda of Kyodo News, and Sven Busch of DPA, talked about a range of issues spanning from the results of yesterday’s 2020 bid cities race, the possible choice of new sports on the Olympic Program and what could happen next year when International Olympic Committee (IOC) chief Dr. Jacques Rogge steps down as head of the organization and a new president will be elected.

The IOC shortlisted Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo to continue on the 2020 campaign and eliminated Baku and Doha.

Shoda talked about the challenge of the Tokyo bid to host the Games and said, “The challenge will be how they develop the Olympics with the people and what kind of Olympics they deliver.

He touched on how the nation is rebuilding after the tragic earthquake and tsunami last year and that the bid is a catalyst for the country.

Wilson commented on the fact that now that there are only three candidates for the 2020 summer Games he feels that now the race has gone to a different level.

He said, “Now we have three cities and no one is really standing out as the frontrunner favorite and the race is wide open.”

“This race is very different from the last two we had and from 2012 and 2016. We had cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and Rio and we had a lot of cities competing against each other.

“That was like a global beauty contest in a way this has a different feel to it. I don’t think it raises the profile as much as the last race at this point.

Sven Busch noted on the fact that he felt like Tokyo had a slight edge but that we have many months to go to the vote and a lot of things could change.

He added, “I looked at some English bookmakers this morning and they called Tokyo the favorite.”

Given the fact that both Baku and Doha were eliminated from the race, and are both smaller countries with lower population numbers, the question arose if the IOC should put a minimum limit on the population in order to bid.

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