POSTED: May 22nd 2012

Madrid 2020: Getting the Games would jump start the economy and create jobs

LAURA WALDEN in QUEBEC / Sports Features Communications

May 22 - Madrid 2020 is banking on the economic infusion should they win the vote to host the 2020 Olympic Games. caught up with International Relations ceo, Theresa Zabell, at the SportAccord Convention in Quebec on the eve of the decision for the candidate cities.

The cities in the race are Baku, Doha, Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo.

Zabell said, “At the moment we have a high unemployment rate especially for the under 25 year olds.  We have a highly qualified younger generation and they are not finding jobs and the opportunities that they deserve in normal circumstances.

“We would really like to get the Games and offer them job opportunities it would get the country moving.

“I think getting the Games would be the catalyst for getting the economy going and create job opportunities for everybody, but especially for the younger generations that need and deserve them.

“This would be the legacy for us and create a legacy for the Olympic Movement. Costs for bidding and staging the Games have been rising and if this continues in the future who is going to be able to bid? It gets very expensive.

“Our budget this time is 20% less than 2016, we analyzed it and have gone into a smart management model and having a contained expenditure. This is one of the assets of our bid and will be one of the assets of the Games if we win.

“I think this is something that we have to get used to doing and the world needs to rein in spending lump sums.

“We need to come back to a more contained model and Madrid plans to do this. This is the legacy for the country and for the Olympic Movement.”

Zabell also noted that she understands the IOC’s need to keep in mind the costs that would be implicated should they keep all five cities as candidate cites with the expenses of carrying out the evaluation commission visits. She said that no city should be offended if they get the cut because this is how they have done it in the past.

Tomorrow is the big day and the IOC executive board will be put to task to choose the Candidates that will go forward.

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