POSTED: April 27th 2012

Princess Sarah Al-Feisal promotes the power of youth at World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Forum

Princess Sarah Al-Feisal promotes the importance of youth in driving fundamental change / Generations For Peace
Princess Sarah Al-Feisal promotes the importance of youth in driving fundamental change / Generations For Peace

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TAMPA: The Generations For Peace President, Princess Sarah Al-Feisal, spoke out at the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists Global Forum in Kuala Lumpur calling on delegates to “harness the potential of youth through engagement and empowerment” in order to bring about fundamental changes in our societies.

The Princess took part in a high level panel entitled “Investing in the Next Generation” at the Forum and noted, “Youth are the engine for the productivity of nations. They drive innovation and entrepreneurship. They embrace new technologies and forms of communication. And today they have the global reach and power to influence political processes and effect fundamental changes in our societies.”

She also spoke about the impact of youth in the Arab world which is very important as populations are increasingly dynamic and youthful, with 70% under 30 years of age and a third under 14 years.

“There is a growing realisation that youth are the future of so much economic, social, cultural and political activity. We ignore their input at our peril. Enlightened governments in the region are now realising that we need to harness the potential of youth, through engagement and empowerment,” the Princess added.

“We have responsibility to ensure these four gates are wide open for our youth. We must harness their energy and nurture their development into the future active citizens and leaders of our communities and our nations. Undoubtedly, we still need ‘top down’ institutional structures, legal frameworks, and government-led policy initiative. But I believe also in the value of ‘bottom-up’, values-driven, philanthropic programmes involving youth at the grass roots level.

“Youth philanthropy is about empowering young people, nurturing them and providing them with the skills and tools to make a positive contribution in their communities. But to be successful it must be sustainable.

“Long term sustainability requires engaging youth now, and providing them with ongoing support, mentoring and pathways for continuing their development as leaders. They must be allowed to lead and encouraged to pass on their knowledge and skills to others, as part of an ongoing cascading process which increases reach and sustainability.

“This philosophy has helped to shape fundamental values at the heart of Generations For Peace: youth leadership; community empowerment; active tolerance; and responsible citizenship.

“With Generations For Peace, we have seen first-hand that philanthropic programmes involving young people can be very powerful. They are making a concrete difference in diverse communities, from Somalia to Sri Lanka, Lebanon to Liberia, Pakistan to Palestine, and many others.”

The Generations For Peace organization is a global non-profit organisation founded by Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan, dedicated to sustainable peace building and the use of sport for conflict transformation.

Since 2007, the organization has endeavored to train and mentor almost 6,000 delegates and pioneers from more than 45 countries and territories in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

They have touched the lives of more than 90,000 children and young people through their peace making initiatives. 

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