POSTED: April 11th 2012

Baku 2020: First Lady Aliyeva to lead bid presentation at ANOC

The First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva / Baku 2020
The First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva / Baku 2020

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA: As all five 2020 bid cities meet in Moscow for the Association of the National Olympic Committees (ANOC) general assembly Baku is backed by First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva to lead the presentation. Aliyeva is also the head of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.

Bid ceo, Konul Nurullayeva, said, "Because of the enormous importance of this coming gathering of the Olympic Family, we have the honour of presenting our Bid together with Mehriban Aliyeva. Her presence in our delegation also confirms the total support of our country’s government – and she is also coming to Moscow to represent our country’s population, an amazing 95% of whom have expressed their support of our Bid."

"Our vision to host the 2020 Games is clear: we want to prove that an Olympic Games is not only a sound investment in our nation’s sport, health and quality of life, but that it can be hosted in a responsible manner which, in turn, provides a sustainable Games hosting model for the future."

"Baku has an ideal climate for sport; our city and country also offer a beautiful setting and an amazing history. And perhaps importantly in these challenging financial times, we have one of the strongest, fastest growing economies in the world.

"But our Bid is not just about what hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games can do for Baku. Our slogan, ‘Together we can’, is also about creating a partnership with the Olympic Movement. Our Applicant File offers the Movement a Games model based on true need; this means sustainable venues designed to remain in place, serving local and regional athletes.

"Our model can show future potential Host Cities around the world that the Olympic Games are achievable, responsible investments for the future, illustrating how Olympism can be an incredible catalyst for transforming a society and its environment."

The Baku team includes Yagub Eyyubov, First Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Baku 2020 Bid Committee; Azad Rahimov, Youth and Sports Minister and Vice-President of the Azerbaijan NOC; Chingiz Huseynzada, Vice-President of the Azerbaijan NOC; Konul Nurullayeva, Baku Bid CEO; Elkhan Mammadov, Baku 2020 Sports and Venues Director; and Narguiz Birk-Petersen, Baku 2020 Communications Director.

Baku will be doing a presentation as well as Doha, Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo and this will be the first chance to address the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision makers and explain their plans.

The IOC will meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina next September to choose a host city for the 2020 summer Games.

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