POSTED: March 6th 2012

Sochi 2014 reveals nationwide live site plans for the winter Games

Rendition of the Vancouver LiveCity site during the 2010 Games / British Columbia CA
Rendition of the Vancouver LiveCity site during the 2010 Games / British Columbia CA

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TAMPA: The Sochi 2014 winter Olympic Games will be celebrated all around Russia with live sites for the public to watch the events and experience the togetherness of the Olympic Spirit.

The new project was launched today to set up big screens, sound, light and a stage in Russia’s city centers for the people together the gather and celebrate the victories of the national and international athletes.

Krasnodar and Sochi will kick off with the first sites opening coinciding with the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The organizers anticipate that approximately 30 million people average will participate at the Sochi 2014 live sites further disseminating the excitement of hosting the Games on national soil.

There will be links to the Olympic venues in Sochi as well as connections to other Russian cities and the live site network.

Games chief, Dmitry Chernyshenko, said, "In major cities across the country Russians will be able to support the athletes competing at the Games in Sochi.

“The energy and support of tens of thousands of people will certainly be transmitted to the athletes. It is symbolic that the Krasnodar Region has been the first to join the project, since it will also host the first ever Russian Winter Games!"

Live sites were first set up in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics and proved to be a huge hit for fans and spectators.  People flock to the big screens for the great atmosphere and this is also a big hospitality draw too as there are usually refreshments, souvenirs and possibly pin traders around.

This was an excellent way to accommodate the ones that were not able to get tickets to events and created a huge party atmosphere centered around the excitement of the competitions and served as a gathering point for fans.

Vancouver 2010’s main live site attracted almost 35,000 people daily and the data and reports stated that at the conclusion of the Games they estimated 1.5 million people visited the five live site areas in the city.

London has decided to extend the live areas nationally and are already using 18 of the sites for pre-Games activities fanning the excitement. They will open another 3 by the time the Games kick off and organizers hope for 75,000 visitors a day at the main site.

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