POSTED: February 3rd 2012

UPDATED: Premier Monti sticking with Febuary 14th deadline to support Rome 2020 bid

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA: Italian Premier Mario Monti has spoken out to Repubblica TV and confirmed that the government will maintain their original deadline of February 14th to decide on the backing for the Rome 2020 Olympic bid.

Monti said, "The government will make a decision within the established timeline, February 14th, and since the topic in question is of extreme importance I don't think it is wise to anticipate a positive or negative decision prior to that time."

IOC vice president and head of the Rome 2020 bid, Mario Pescante, spoke of earlier today in an interview with Radio Vaticana and called out for the government to make a decision.

The bid committee is under stress to submit the applicant file to the International Olympic Committee on the 15th of February and needs to know as soon as possible of the government’s intentions.

Pescante said, “This delay could give the IOC members the impression that there is not overall consensus and, if the decision should not be for Rome, that this government and future governments might not be totally behind the city for the Games.

“Last minute decisions work fine for buying airline tickets, but certainly not in this case. Other possible candidatures such as Spain and Azerbaijan have already decided long ago, we are on the last lap of the stopwatch.”

Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno spoke to journalists and said: .  "There will be no decision by the Council of Ministers today.  We'll wait for them to finish their work in order to meet with President Monti as well as Mr. Letta, who is working specifically on this point.  

"This will all be resolved next week and, I'm convinced, in a positive manner."

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