POSTED: February 2nd 2012

Rome 2020: Friday the Council of Ministers should make a decision

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TAMPA: Reports in the Italian press say that the Italian Council of Ministers are set to meet on Friday and Premier Mario Monti must decide on the backing of the Rome bid.

Evidently there is a time constraint as Monti must travel to the USA to meet with President Barack Obama. Originally they planned to make the decision on the 15th, the day the applicant file must be submitted.

Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) chief, Gianni Petrucci, made the announcement today at the end of the CONI National Council board meeting.

Petrucci also confirmed that there is no sense in hypothesizing pushing the candidature to 2024 that CONI is not interested in postponing.

He also proclaimed that he was feeling like the government would be positive with their support or they probably would have already announced otherwise.

Italy is in the middle of an economic crisis, like Spain, and the proposal to win the 2020 summer Games are an opportunity to jump start the economy and boost the job market.

The deadline for the submission of the applicant file for the 2020 bid cities is the 15th at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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