POSTED: January 31st 2012

Former Salt Lake Games head Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Tampa

Mitt Romney making calls in Tampa at the campaign headquarters / SFC
Mitt Romney making calls in Tampa at the campaign headquarters / SFC

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TAMPA: Former head of the Salt Lake City 2002 Games, Mitt Romney, is working his way across the city today busy campaigning for the Florida primary in his race to become the Republican candidate.

Many voters in Florida have already cast their ballots absentee raking in a whopping 632,000 votes as the polls open. This is more than the 601,577 people who voted in the South Carolina primary, and is a far stretch from the 360,000 that voted in the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses combined.

Romney is the front runner candidate for the republican party already according to a survery released this morning by the American Research Group.

According to them 36% of people they polled had already voted, and of these Romney earned 51% far ahead of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with 29%. Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania came in third with 12% and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas wound up in fourth place with 10%. The final tally count will be tonight.

Romney has backed much of his campaign on hands-on business experience and his international background of running the Salt Lake City Games.

Certainly it would be beneficial for the US Olympic Committee if he won the Presidency as this would open the door for a very advantageous situation for a future bid from the United States. Many International Olympic Committee (IOC) members know Romney from successful Salt Lake City 2002 Games and this could give the US a big advantage.

The revenue share negotiation is still ongoing between the IOC and the USOC over the distribution of Top Sponsor and American broadcast rights proceeds.

If the two organizations could reach an agreement and Romney wound up in the White House this could set a very strong platform for an American bid for the winter Games of 2022. These would be voted in 2015 during his four year term of office.

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