POSTED: December 27th 2011

New Madrid Mayor behind the 2020 Olympics campaign

Ana Botella and Alberto Ruiz Gallardon have knwn eachother for quite some time / PP s.a. image
Ana Botella and Alberto Ruiz Gallardon have knwn eachother for quite some time / PP s.a. image

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TAMPA: Ana Botella, the new mayor of Madrid, throws her backing behind the 2020 summer Games bid as soon as she was sworn into office. This marks a first time for a lady mayor to be chosen for the city and she is also the wife of former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar.

She takes up the office held by Alberto Ruiz Gallardon who resigned to take up the helm of the Ministry of Justice.

Botella spoke out to the press and said that “among our aims, Madrid's effort to be an Olympic city has an important place, a commitment that we are renewing with our eyes on the 2020 Games”.

She added that there would be no new spending would be needed until the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made their choice in September 2013, as 80 percent of the infrastructure was already in place.

Spain has been fighting its high debt as well as Italy but is trying to reduce it through tough public spending cuts launched after a change of government last week.

Botella confirmed that Spain’s capital's debt by the end of this year would reach 6.377 billion euros ($8.3 billion) but she plans to reduce that by 3.112 billion euros by the end of her term in 2016.

Madrid is running against Baku, Doha, Istanbul, Rome and Tokyo with the final vote taking place in Buenos Aires on September 7, 2013. Madrid and Tokyo were both contenders in the 2016 campaign that Rio de Janeiro won bringing the Olympics to South America for the first time.

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