POSTED: November 22nd 2011

Sport climbing is ramping up its 2020 Olympic Dream

National federation presidents rallied in Munich and the rest of the federations joined in online / IFSC
National federation presidents rallied in Munich and the rest of the federations joined in online / IFSC

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA: The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is ramping up its Olympic campaign to get on the 2020 Games program.

The IFSC held a meeting Munich Germany at the Alpine Museum gathering their national federations with the support of the local German National Federation (DAV).

Half of the worldwide NFs had their presidents in attendance and the rest were brought in to participate as the meeting was streamed live on the web.

IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris noted, "It is fantastic to see how our National Federations are positively responding to this initiative. They are all willing to support Sport Climbing realize our dream of being included in the Olympic Games 2020.”

Guido Kostermayer, vice-president of the German Federation (DAV) and former German champion said, “The DAV are extremely pleased to extend our support to the IFSC and our fellow National Federations. This forum is an important coming together for Sport Climbing.”

The aim of the web conference was to explore with the national federations ways to create a collaborative platform for sport climbing opportunities. It gave the IFSC and the NFs a chance to talk about the capabilities and capacities, in terms of ideas, activities, networking and financial support to achieve its 2020 objectives.

The opportunity to be considered for the Olympic Program has opened a door for the development of closer relationships and cooperation with National Federations, improvement in Sport Presentation, changes and improvements to the Competition models, and increased of stability and levels of sponsorship income.

"In this meeting we climbed the first section of a hard route, and we prepared the next one,” summed up Scolaris.

There are eight sports trying to get on the 2020 Olympic program apart from sport climbing they are wakeboard, roller sports, wushu, baseball, softball, squash and karate. The IOC will vote in 2013 during the IOC session in Buenos Aires for possibly one new sport on the program.

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