POSTED: November 9th 2011

Rome 2020: Pescante confirms the bid goes forward without question

(L to R) Gianni Petrucci, Giovanni Alemanno, Mario Pescante and Andrea Mondello presented a united front / Rome 2020 image
(L to R) Gianni Petrucci, Giovanni Alemanno, Mario Pescante and Andrea Mondello presented a united front / Rome 2020 image

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TAMPA/ROME: Despite the challenging situation brewing over Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s announcement that he will resign from power the Rome 2020 Olympic bid is standing firm.

The board of directors met in Rome yesterday at the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and high on the agenda was the confirmation that despite the crisis in the government the campaign stands firm.

Head of the Rome bid and International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice-president, Mario Pescante, confirmed to the press that “Rome's candidature goes forward and it will not be questioned.'' 

Berlusconi agreed to step down after the Italian parliament approves some new austerity measures hoping to stave the country from the brink of financial collapse from the national debt.

At the meeting today also in attendance was Giovanni Alemanno, the Mayor of Rome, CONI chief Gianni Petrucci, and bid vice-president Andrea Mondello.

The leaders of the bid put out a statement reiterating that in spite of the current financial situation, the Rome 2020 bid would be a catalyst for the lagging economy and would have a positive effect not only on the city, but on the entire nation.

Rome still has to have government backing to meet the requirements that the IOC asks of bid cities when they submit their questionnaire on February 15th and the next phase of the bid process goes forward.

The board also approved the 31 million euro budget that was presented by bid director general, Ernesto Albanese, so they can consequently also go forward with the government request as expected next week.

Albanese also spoke exclusively to last week in Lausanne during the IOC Bidding for the Games seminar about the team’s strategy for government support.

As well, next week, the conclusions of a feasibility study carried out by Professor Marco Fortis and IOC member, Franco Carraro, will be released at Palazzo Chigi, the headquarters of the Italian government.

One ulterior affirmation for the bid is the city of Rome, the Lazio Region and the Province of Rome, all together with CONI have confirmed their synergy of working together and their common desire and intention to carry out the bid.

Rome is in the 2020 bid race with Baku, Doha, Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo. Madrid has also been challenged with a tough economic situation in Spain but they too are taking the bid campaign forward.

The final vote for 2020 host city will be September 7th in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the IOC session.

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