POSTED: November 1st 2011

Reno Tahoe is seriously taking notes to chase their Olympic Dream

LAURA WALDEN in LAUSANNE / Sports Features Communications

LAUSANNE: Jon Killoran, ceo of the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition, spoke exclusively to and confirmed that the area is definitely doing their homework for a potential bid.

Killoran is on a fact finding mission in Lausanne this week at the IOC Bidding for the Games seminar to learn as much as possible about putting together a possible bid for the Games or the Youth Olympic Games.

He said, “We are thrilled to be here because we are literally listening to the great bid developers and organizers who have been there and done that and continue to do so. To learn from what was successful for them as well as their challenges is part of that great knowledge that is being passed on to the Olympic Movement, so our ears are wide open.”

Killoran also noted that the meeting so far has providing a springboard for considerations for the future and this is what he will be the main point that he will be taking back home with him.

He said, “The great enthusiasm that you can have for developing opportunities, we work on things such as hall of fame dinners and things that we are putting on in recognizing sport and up to and including bidding for major events such as the Olympic Games. So to be able to go back with that knowledge shared with our organization and our general public I think is something that is truly beneficial coming back from here.”

The IOC program for this first bid orientation seminar is focused on the Games but could also be helpful for any city or nation considering to host a large event. We asked Killoran his opinion on if he thought the information was valuable for other bids.

He said, “Absolutely, I think that when you look at the opportunity today of bidding for the Olympic Games that is about as large a return for profit as you can ever pursue.  It is important to pursue those other opportunities in the shorter term, such as the championships, the competitions and the events that go on that help support the Olympic Games. I think there always will be benefits to make your region much more credible and also to give you a better opportunity to pursue those other chances.”

They are not ready to throw the hat in the ring just yet but they are ramping up their artillery when the time comes to take it up in earnest with the US Olympic Committee.

“At this point really it is premature for us, we are here to learn and understand processes. There are processes that our country goes through, as any does for deciding if and when they will pursue Games.

“For us the Reno Taho region is a year round sports destination. We have hosted some great events over the years and will continue to do so. We will continue to be patient and wait for the bigger opportunities that might come our way,” he confirmed.  

 The next phase of winter Games bidding would be for the 2022 Games after PyeongChang won the 2018 Olympics.

 Bidding could start in 2012 for American cities to send proposals to the US Olympic Committee. In 2013 the IOC will ask for official bids from the National Olympic Committees.

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