POSTED: October 28th 2011

IOC continuing to facilitate talks between Israel and Palestine

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has held a third meeting with the national Olympic committees of Israel and Palestine in Ramallah to further facilitate talks between the two countries and discuss updates on the progress that has been made.

Last October IOC President Jacques Rogge and vice-president Mario Pescante traveled to the region to aid the two NOCs to tackle the question of movements between the two countries. A second meeting was held in January and another in May at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

At the heart of the talks are the issues relating to the free movement of Palestinian athletes, coaches, officials and sports equipment inside and outside the Palestinian territories, as well as of visiting foreign sports delegations, including athletes, all parties acknowledged the significant and concrete results achieved so far thanks in part to the “hotline” set up between the two NOCs.

In May the hotline was agreed upon by the two countries, so at this point an agreement was signed under the auspices of the IOC to formalize it and establish the proper mechanism between the two entities.

Apart from this the two NOCs also agreed to continue collaborating on joint, sport-related activities in a number of areas, including sport sciences, coaching and athletes’ training.

On the agenda also was the IOC backed support for the development of sport in Palestine which has been funded initially by the IOC and Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

The IOC together with Olympic Solidarity will continue to aid the Palestinian NOC especially in the preparation of athletes for the upcoming London 2012 Games.

Progress has also been made with the International Mediterranean Games Committee in regard to the inclusion of Israel and Palestine in the Mediterranean Games.

The next meeting will take place in Tel Aviv with all three parties.

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