POSTED: August 11th 2011

Gangwon gets the ball rolling for PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

The Gangneung Cluster will host the ice events - PyeongChang 2018
The Gangneung Cluster will host the ice events - PyeongChang 2018

Governor Moon-Soon Choi / SFC images
Governor Moon-Soon Choi / SFC images

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

TAMPA/PYEONGCHANG: A little over a month after being elected to host the 2018 winter Olympic Games, caught up with Gangwon Province Governor Moon-Soon Choi for an exclusive interview about how the region is now looking towards the preparations for the Games.

The local government is making the 2018 Olympics its highest priority and has wasted no time in getting the works in motion to start laying the foundation to host the Games.

Now that the excitement about the announcement about PyeongChang 2018 has subsided, what is happening in Gangwon now as preparations are getting started?

Moon-Soon Choi: Despite PyeongChang’s bid had started from just a dream of the Gangwon people, it has become a miracle that impressed the world. Above all, the success is owed to the enthusiastic passion of the Gangwon citizens and the full backing of all Koreans.

Gangwon Province has already started to take administrative steps by preparing to enact a Special Law for supporting the successful Games organization, discussing the establishment of the Organizing Committee, and holding meetings to set up long-term, balanced development strategies. We are trying to concentrate on all our capabilities and administrative powers so that our excitement and joy at the moment of the winning can lead the successful celebration of the Olympics.

What is your first priority to start setting up the Games preparations?

Moon-Soon Choi: Following-up the bid is as important as the bidding process itself. Gangwon Province has selected 5 Principles below to make sure the successful Games organization and the post-Games legacy, trying to find ways to create benefit and value in every aspect of the citizens’ lives.

A. Games that make profits

- Prepare careful and elaborate plans for boosting tourism and maximizing post-Games venues utilization after the Games

B. Games that contribute to enhance people’s livelihood

C. Games that seek balanced development between regions

D. Games that are environmentally-sustainable

- Minimize the environmental impact by having environmental experts and representatives of civic groups involved from the design phase of venue and road constructions

E. Games that enhance peace

- Prepare ways to improve the relationship between South and North Korea, including joint training programs

 Part I of a three part series

Eungyeong Choi contributed to this article

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