POSTED: July 4th 2011

Killy: Annecy has a unique vision for 2018 winter Olympics

(L to R) Sports Minister Chantal Jouanno, Prime Minister Francois Filllon, Ceo Charles Beigbeder and IOC Member Jean Claude Killy / Annecy 2018
(L to R) Sports Minister Chantal Jouanno, Prime Minister Francois Filllon, Ceo Charles Beigbeder and IOC Member Jean Claude Killy / Annecy 2018

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

DURBAN: Annecy 2018 has ramped up the French bid’s profile in the last months to the final countdown tomorrow and triple Olympian champion, Jean-Claude Killy speaks out about his backing for the bid.

French IOC member Killy is in charge of the Sochi 2014 coordination commission and also served on the Torino coordination commission and brings his particular expertise to the table. He won three gold medals at the home based Grenoble Games in ’68 and is three-times world skiing champion.

According to the Annecy 2018 bid team, Killy has been aggressively lobbying votes since he arrived in Durban for the IOC session and vote tomorrow. He is now joined by French Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, who arrived in Durban today representing the French government and they got straight to business.

Fillon said in a statement, “I'm delighted to be here in Durban with the whole Annecy 2018 team. I am here to give Annecy the full support of our government and the French public who are passionate about Olympism and wish to host the Olympic family in the heart of the Alps for Games that would be spectacular and would warmly welcome people from around the world.”

Killy states his point and his reasoning, “Annecy has definitely got a chance to win this bid.  It is a three-rider race and Annecy has a vision that is clearly different from the other two bids.

“When you are at the start of a final ski race, as we are now, you must believe that you can win as our team does.  We are united and will be doing everything we can and using all of our assets to be successful.

“What I will say to IOC members is that Annecy’s proposal is in the direction that Winter Games must take and encapsulates the values of the IOC.

“I will tell them tomorrow in my presentation that Annecy would stage Games that are respectful of the environment and give centre stage to the athletes.

“I will also make it clear to the IOC that this is a bid that is fully backed by the highest levels of government.

“They will know that this bid has my firm stamp of approval.  I completely believe in all of the plans because they will help benefit Olympism and winter sports worldwide.”

There are about 23 hours until the final announcement of the vote outcome tomorrow afternoon here in Durban at approximately 17:00-17:30 local time.

Annecy is racing against Munich and PyeongChang to host the winter Olympic Games of 2018.

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