POSTED: May 26th 2011

Pernilla Wiberg: The IOC now has a tough choice to make

Triple medal winner Pernilla Wiberg won gold at Albertville 1992 and Lillehammer 1994 and silver at Nagano 1998 / lake images
Triple medal winner Pernilla Wiberg won gold at Albertville 1992 and Lillehammer 1994 and silver at Nagano 1998 / lake images

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

LAUSANNE/TAMPA, May 26: Pernilla Wiberg feels like Annecy definitley got the message across loud and clear during the Lausanne technical briefing last week.  

The Annecy 2018 vice-president also feels confident that this has really complicated the 2018 decision making for the International Olympic Committee members when they go to choose a winter Games host city next July. caught up with the Swedish gold medal skier and Annecy 2018 athlete ambassador about her impression and feelings as to how the technical presentations went and what the IOC members will be facing as they meet in Durban on July 6th for the final vote.

Wiberg said, “The presentations went really, really well and especially afterwards as we were able to speak to everyone that was in the auditorium when the meetings broke for lunch and we could continue the dialogue.”

“The message was that we had made the decisions hard for the members because now it is impossible to choose as the bids are all three on the same level. I feel very confident that we had good presentations, good questions and good answers and the ambiance was very good.

“I am satisfied that we got the message across and even if we had questions that were not positive for us we replied back with positive answers.”

Wiberg talked about the recent decisions for Annecy to host the CISM winter military Games in 2013 and the 2018 Ryder Cup. She said, “I think that by Annecy being awarded these is only positive for us and I am thinking like in the case of Russia, who has begun to host so many events, that this is good for France. It boosts the confidence that sporting people believe in France and that we can do great things. But we always knew that but it is always important to get reconfirmation.”

“We highlighted this in the presentation, French sports minister Chantal Jouanno had this in her speech and she really drove the point home as she has been working with that delegation for a long time. And now she is focusing on helping us.”   

France won the bid to host the Ryder Cup last week on the eve of the IOC briefings and the team was energized as they faced the IOC for questions and answers about the Annecy 2018 campaign.

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