POSTED: May 18th 2011

Munich 2018: Witt radiant after IOC briefing on Winter Games bid vision

Double gold medalist Katarina Witt holds court with reporters after the Munich 2018 bid presentation / lake images
Double gold medalist Katarina Witt holds court with reporters after the Munich 2018 bid presentation / lake images

LAURA WALDEN in LAUSANNE / Sports Features Communications

LAUSANNE, May 18: Katarina Witt met reporters right after the Munich 2018 presentation to spread the word that the bid team was very pleased with the outcome of the briefing and the question and answer session with the IOC Members.

Witt is the chair of the Munich 2018 bid to host the winter Games and brings her wealth of sports knowledge to the table with two gold medals in skating. This time around she is competing with South Korean gold medal girl, Yu-Na Kim, in an entirely different competition. But they are both looking to grab the attention of the IOC Members in this skateoff.

Witt said, “I think it was a very straightforward presentation and I think we show an alternative as well. I think we impressed all of them with what we have to offer. We can create an unforgettable atmosphere for the world in 2018.”

When asked about the nature of the questions she said, “I think it was about the way that things will turn out if Munich is awarded the Games.”

“We still want to give everyone the opportunity to train for the next seven years and there are possibilities for summer athletes as well to use some of the other facilities. Even the summer and winter athletes could come together to train as well since we never get to meet.”

She said that the meeting today was a very important milestone, “This was a very important event for us as we were able to bring out the concepts of the bid, show the support from all government levels and as a representative of winter sports in Germany I think that it is important that they know that they will all great conditions for the Games. This event gave everyone the possibility to shine and to express our offer."

IOC vice president Thomas Bach also told the press that it “was not important to lead a marathon after 22 or 30 kilometers, but the only thing that matters is who crossed the finish line first” talking about the final vote coming up in Durban on July 6th.

The Bavarian city was also pleased that they had ended the faceoff with the local land owners for the crucial piece of land in the Kandahar alpine skiing venue and that all the land has now been secured.

PyeongChang will be the last city to present to the members after Annecy who followed Munich.

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