POSTED: May 10th 2011

Witt says Munich bid team is feeling 'very positive' after IOC report

Katarina Witt: feeling very positive about the Durban decision / lake images
Katarina Witt: feeling very positive about the Durban decision / lake images

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GENEVA/MUNICH, May 10: Katarina Witt is promising that Munich’s 2018 Winter Games bid team will capitalise on every last second of its appearance before the International Olympic Committee next week.

The three contenders – Munich, Annecy and PyeongChang – go to Lausanne next May 18 to state their cases to IOC members ahead of the vote in Durban on July 6.

After publication today of the IOC assessment reports, Munich’s team may believe they have more updating potential than their rivals, particularly with reference to opinion poll statistics.

Witt said: “In general it’s a very positive report which shows they appreciated the strengths of our bid, particularly as athlete-friendly Games. If there are any criticisms here and there then it just reminds us of something we can do better.”

The public opinion poll commissioned by the IOC showed levels of support running at 60pc support in Munich, 53pc in Bavaria and 56pc nationally.These, however, as Witt pointed out, had been taken before the success of the world skiing championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen earlier this year. These had generated record figures in terms of spectators and TV ratings.

“This,” said Witt, “was the real measure of support in Germany for winter sports and for the athletes.”

Financial strength

She added: “We remain very optimistic because I think the commission has appreciated the strengths which we tried to put across: Games for the athletes, compactness, sustainability, how well the transport system functions, strong concern for the environment and our financial strength.”

Witt also cautioned that all those directly involved in the process should read “every sentence” of the full report and not only the summaries.

She said: “Next week we are looking forward to having a full 45 minutes with the IOC, compared with the 15 or 20 minutes we have had for other presentations. This will give us enough time to bring out the strengths of our bid and go into the details.

“Also the question and answer session gives us the possibility of really addressing the issues.”

Another of these concerns land availability in Garmisch. The IOC report noted that Munich controls 93pc of the land required and that the remaining 7pc included one contentious parcel play at the Kandahar Alpine speed venue.

Bid ceo Bernhard Schwank said that negotiations were under way and did not rule out a resolution before he and his colleagues take their message to Lausanne.

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