POSTED: May 4th 2011

Aspire Sports Academy gearing up for the 2011 Arab Games in Doha

Abdulla Yousef Al-Mulla head of communications and media for the 2011 Arab Games / Arab Games
Abdulla Yousef Al-Mulla head of communications and media for the 2011 Arab Games / Arab Games

LAURA WALDEN / Sports Features Communications

DOHA/TAMPA, May 04: The 12th edition of the Arab Games will take place at the stunning Aspire Sports Academy in Doha, Qatar December 9-23 this year. This marks the first edition to be held in a Gulf state.

The Arab Games are held under the main umbrella organization, the Arab Sports Confederation (ASF), comprising 22 nations of Arab countries, 7,000 athletes and competitions in 35 sports. The program will take place in 20 venues and even includes paralympic competitions.

The award winning Aspire Sports Academy was home to the 15th Asian Games in 2006 and is a lasting legacy for the Gulf city.

Abdulla Yousuf Al-Mulla, director of media and broadcasting, held a media briefing and talked about the Games as a ray of hope.

He said, “Other Arab countries wanted Qatar to host the Arab Games to help turn them around. It will be a landmark in the history of the Arab Games.

“When Qatar turned around the Asian Games in 2006 it was a landmark, and even China had to work hard to reach the same level in Guangzhou 2010. We want to do the same with the Arab Games. Sport is about getting together and having fun.”

Anti-doping lab

Doha is also home to the high tech anti-doping lab (Anti Doping Lab Qatar) that will be ready for the Arab Games in December.
The lab will serve the Gulf and West Asia and currently an extensive research project is going on to help improve the World Anti-Doping Agency’s biological passport model for athletes.  It will soon rank among the WADA-accredited facilities worldwide.

Media and communications

Qatari news service Al Jazeera has purchased the tv rights to broadcast the event in high definition and 9 sports (athletics, swimming, basketball, handball, football, artistic gymnastics, volleyball, beach volleyball, and equestrian jumping) as well as the opening and closing ceremonies will be televised live.

Al-Mulla said, “We are planning for the best services for media because they are our mirror. We always welcome their feedback, even if it is negative, because we learn for the next event.”

“The media are important because they go back to their countries and talk about Doha. And especially now that we are preparing for (the FIFA World Cup in) 2022, we are going to prove the type of event that can be hosted in Doha.”

This will be the first time that the Arab Games will have a news service for news reports, results and photo availability.

Sponsors that have signed up already to support the event are Qtel telecom, Al Jazeera news, and Virgin Megastore. Tickets can be purchased through the website and through local Virgin stores in the Arab countries.

2020 Olympic Dream

On the subject of a possible bid for the 2020 Olympic Games, Al-Mulla was hopeful: 

“It is a dream. After the FIFA World Cup, it’s the Olympics. Every Qatari dreams of hosting the Olympics. As a citizen I personally have attended so many and it is a great event. And the hosting country is lucky to have it.”

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